📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Not one of the Malaysians I am working with know anything about this whatsoever.

What that means I do not have a clue.


Weird post. Your derision of MT may be justified(i don’t know), but you then link the star(joke?), which automatically puts you on a lower level of trust. Is a minister refusing gifts a bad thing now?
Other media sources that (deliberately)fail to report all the news in relation to Mh17 should be treated as promoters of propaganda.
How many reported on this(no idea about the linked publications reputation), because any that haven’t can’t be trusted.


No idea how MH-17 is on the Spire FM thread.
But a great example of a read between the lines area.
IF there was proof it was downed by Russian forces then the relatives and the Malaysia would be in court already claiming compensation & damages let alone the msm.
They aren’t so that leads to a possible interpretation it was pro-western forces and hushed up.
Or that it was rebel forces and there is no entity to sue.
Kind of like Salisbury then. Plenty of implications but not enough to do a Bazza and take a definitive stance on whodunnit.


Here’s a terrible example, that doesn’t miss enforcing one of the “Russia bad” lies. All written by the latest guardian darling and constantly praises the Atlantic Councils payed mouth piece.
She should do some investigation before claiming this.

“But then, it was Bellingcat that in another triumph of open-source investigation, trumped western intelligence agencies in tracking down the Russian unit that launched the missile that brought down flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people.”

A triumph of lies, doctored pictures and media spin. The official(western) investigation refused to cite bellendcat, but he claims they do.
Back to Spire FM, i wonder if next week, working backwards from a predetermined conclusion and hypothesising a lot, he’ll come up with the name Sergey Fedotov, as the third member of a six man hit team, headed by a woman(is that now a 7 person team?).
Have a read, it’s dripping with propaganda, while all the real citizen journalists are being deleted. Happy coincidence for some that.

Citizen journalists – the fighters on the frontline against Russia’s attacks


Fuck me Higgins is Batman.


It does read like they are about to put a cape on him.
@Dubai_Phil loves cape shit, so he’ll no doubt keep us posted😂
Here’s another(non Spire) one. How do you deal with a bad story about an ally that you love to the point of State visits.
Ignore your own role and talk about the boggy man instead(start with a picture if you can. Nothing reinforces an idea quite like a picture).

Can Saudi Arabia’s ‘great reformer’ survive the death in the consulate?


That one is escalating FAST.
Of all the “dissident” family names that my could have knocked off.
Already being shown power vacuum & regime change posts even down here.
VERY dangerous days


Forgot about your close proximity to that one. Be interested to hear how it’s being reported and possible outcomes, from the local area.
Keep us informed, but don’t lose your head.


Most probably he’d lose his typing finger…



From the BBC

“…The country would respond to any punitive action “with a bigger one”, the unnamed senior source said…”

That’s ok then.


We used to have the likes of @Furball come on here and relentlessly defend the establishment story.

Now we’re reduced to @Chertsey-Saint, @Barry-Sanchez and @SaintBristol.

Eight years of austerity, people. Fucking Tory cuts.


You missed the letter “n” in the word right at the end @pap




I’m sorry, @Cobham-Saint, that makes no sense and I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

Besides, we need @Chertsey-Saint’s vote for the next general election, and must court him. @Barry-Sanchez too if his lottery numbers come in and he gets to live near to the famous nightlife of Derby. There are a lot of marginal seats around those parts.


I love you all, but no.


So, er, not time for a vigorous defence of (ahem) other forms of government?


Oh yeah all day no problem. But 1) no time to open laptop this week as at bonkers busy trade show. Can happily post published stuff but not rumours.
2) Reading Twitter some days I can actually agree that perhaps having legally enforced social media behaviour rules is not a bad thing :roll_eyes:


A report


I can’t say that i blame them. Khashoggi had his fingers chopped off one by one by these bastards before being killed and his body dismembered. I’m sure his family will say whatever the Saudi rulers tell them to say.


Carried out in bits, in cake boxes, as I understand. It briefly looked as if the US might actually get upset about this one. Trump’s handlers obviously got into his ears over the past week.


Is this fake news? I believe it, why do others though?