📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Give me the three questions you wanted answered and I’ll have a go.


How’s the noddy show coming along


I’ve been trying for about 300 posts to get SoS to answer one question.

It’s very, very painful.


Ditto mebbe?

Loads of claim / counter claim from a lot of half-arsed sources that everyone are using and trying to make fit their own narrative.

Give it up guys?

Both side are a full sack of shit and would fuck/sell their grandmother to try and prove how right they are.

How much time have you wasted on this? Why the fuck am I even typing this? Jeez. :lou_facepalm_2:


Goaty’s new band thread has the Cornish Patsies are these

The Wiltshire Patsies?


Salisbury aren’t helping themselves, are they…


I think they’re playing something by Novitchaikovsky.


None, which is exactly the same amount as you do for Russia. That may change(odds more in your favour). I did also offer the obvious alternative.


I’ve posted what i would like to sort out, before we get to the farce fairytale multiple times. You know what it is.


No, there is a certain amount of substantial evidence, that I posted above.

So what you’re saying is that you would prefer to go with a country that has literally no evidence, no circumstantial, nothing, than Russia.

It sounds like Barry was right about you.


I genuinely don’t, I’ve tried to stay away from your rambling emails as there are no clear cut questions.

I’ll say it again, ask me the 3 questions (IE 3 sentences with a question mark at the end) and I will attempt to answer them.


Also, just a quick point about Bellingcat. Although there is a lot of criticism about their previous investigations, none of the websites I have found have said you should discount this investigation as untrue, more-so if they’ve been fed the information by the British (which is quite likely).


You didn’t post any evidence. Two Russians were in Salisbury and left over 2 hours before the Skripals were poisoned. That’s it.
If you think Barry is right, that’s a damming admission of your own intellect.


Fuck off telling me what and how many i can ask. Your getting more like Barry every day and i haven’t sent you any emails.
Just admit you have no answers to the issues raised. I will no longer take questions from the 3 wise monkeys, until one of you addresses the issues.


Have you read it? It looks like it was written by an attention seeking child and is no more than a bunch of maybes.


What, like your posts? They have given evidence. Where is the evidence to say they are not who Bellingcat have said, apart from the fact you don’t trust Bellingcat?


Novichok. As said above, it could have been a weakened/hybrid version, or a degraded version.

Disappearing witnesses. Clearly into witness protection - it would be mad to not do that. Standard procedure.

What other questions are there?


You have said previously it is circumstantial evidence. Give me circumstantial evidence from Djibouti which you rate higher.


Busy guy Aleksandr Mishkin:


From RT, but nothing to do with them damn Ruskies. Thought I’d post it here before any tinfoil gets shaped into helmets again



Latest news from that top News gathering organisation. Malaysia Today. (All other sources should be ignored obviously)

Breaking news … https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/08/21/offered-two-smartphones-anthony-loke-says-no-gifts-please/

Anthony Loke states, “No gifts please” and turns down 2 smartphones.