📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


You’re making up bullshit again Barry. onus probandi remember.


Its more probable from what has been shown that the Russians are more liable for this than the British.

I can’t see why you can’t accept that point of view?
You’re not also fascist are you?

I suppose you align to right wing low tolerance religious faiths as well.


Do you align with Putin?
A known homophobe.

Its a simple question.


There is a connection here, not proof but a connection.

Trump - Putin and the Muslim faith.

Tolerance or a lack of tolerance towards homosexuals.


No, it was a statement(more than once).

Evidence of your assertion?


Oh we need evidence now do we?

Provide some for the British involvement in the poisoning.

Oh you can’t.


You have to admit it looks suspicious SOS.

You palled up with a right rogues gallery there son.


I’m not the accuser, so that’s a stupid question.
I did address your claim of probability, which you have so far refused to address, so here it is again.

Please answer why, given the above known facts are in the public domain, you refuse to address them? If you’re stuck, get bellendcat to help you :lou_wink_2:


All you’re showing here, with your wild accusations, is that you are a liar.
How’s probability doing today? :joy::joy::joy:


You think the British did it. What evidence do you have?


You’ve turned into Barry.
Well done you :grin:


I have answered your questions. Have the dignity to do the same please.


Let’s try this a different way again.

If the Russians didn’t do it, who do you think did it, and why?


Do you hate immigrants and the disabled as you are aligning with May? Tory scum.
See how this works Barry?


No I don’t align with May.

But I’d believe her over Putin and Trump as loathed as I am to say it.


Have you?

I can’t see the reply, but in reply to the question.

No idea, as i have already stated.


So you don’t know who did it, is there a possibility that the Russians did it?


Of course(if you ignore the probability). The only person i know for sure didn’t do it, is myself.
Where were you on the day in question? :thinking:


So thats an admission the Russians could have done it?

So by that you don’t know who done it.

So by that you can only go on probability?

We’re getting somewhere.


I don’t have a wife, so never. I can 100% prove that.

How’s that prove your point?