📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Is that Barry speak, meaning, i have no answers?
Please try harder, you’re a shit troll and embarrass your own kind(as a nationalistic kind of person), the soil is fertile, why bother with obvious bullshit?
Oh, almost forgot, can you please address my post. I will keep asking until you do.


Prove that statement.

You can’t so its not suitable for discussion, thats your mantra isn’t it?

Your proof is woeful, I am with the British, your passport (fake) is in the post and you’ll be residing in the South Moscow within 7 days.


Proof would be on the accuser to provide.
You’re still refusing to address the issues before the fairytale. So again(and yes, i will keep doing this)

Please answer these points(i can add more), before we move on to the plausibility of the fairytale.


I really wouldn’t bother arguing Baz. It’s like trying to debate with flat earth believers or creationists.



Address the points Ted, or admit you have nothing to say, bar.
Why is that so difficult for some?



You don’t ask and never have ask questions clearly, what about the funeral for instance, what sort of a question/statement is that?
There was a funeral so I am confused to why you ask?

And for many of the rest SOS its the secret service, you don’t know and neither do I.
You think you may know but like me you don’t, you simply don’t.


Why is this do important for you?


You’re ideology driven SOS, your hatred and distrust of this Country is apparent, its funny you align with Russia though, thats like going from a 80’s vauxhall chevette to a 1985 skoda but if that floats your boat mush.


Putin could do an interview and admit everything it wouldnt matter a thing, People are so invested in a way of thinking there’s no point in even debating


Address the questions. They should be simple to answer, if i’m a flat earther(i will also indulge in shit childish insults from here on, unless you address the questions).
Why do i have to explain this, if propaganda doesn’t work?


Yeah, i couldn’t have proved my point better.
Thanks :grin:


I’ve no idea mate. Just start understanding that things are more complex, and you wont find any answers from one blogpost on the internet.


The way we receive information has changed drastically in the last few years. This has been abused now so that there is no longer facts, just a point of view.


If you agree with one point you can reassure yourself with evidence to back it up


I haven’t and am rather bored of your say nothing, but follow the party bullshit, while also belittling any that notices the obvious charade.
I’ll treat you the same as the other practitioner of false realities.
Please answer this, because i won’t move on until one of the brainless wonders at least tries.

Simple things to address, if the person asking them is a “flat earther”. Maybe someone stupid enough to write this?

Yeah, definite flat earther there.


This is like a five year old covering their eyes and saying, I can’t see you.
Stick chatting to Barry.


Ok, this level of debate is why I don’t bother.


You haven’t attempted debate. You joined with this.

So, please fuck off with your holier than thou bullshit Mr hard of thinking. i said earlier, address the issues and drop the pathetic herd mindset. It makes your whole education look a complete waste of time.
One last time, for the hard of thinking.

Off to bed now Ted, so you have all night. Don’t disappoint, address the simple issues. If i’m so wrong, that shouldn’t be hard(you and Barry can see so much clearer than us mere mortals), please explain? I’m looking forward to discussing the fairytale, so hurry up.


Don’t worry, you won’t be able to read these blogs pretty soon:


Like Bellingcat?