📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Why were the Russians in Salisbury?


I don’t know “why we’re there Russians in Salisbury”?

Look, I’ve even set you up for the punchline



Russians allergic to snow making numerous trips to the UK to see the famous spire…


Nah, that’s not funny.

Anything better?



Changed your mind then?


Ha Ha I’ve edited so theres no confusion.


That’s how fake news starts :lou_wink_2:


Too late. You’ve said it now. Barry ‘the red menace’ Sanchez.


Baz has been taking public speaking lessons from Trump


And maths from Abott.


That’s handy because nothing on this thread adds up properly :lou_wink_2:


For the fjords. They were misinformed.


Oi, leave Slartibartfast out of this.

Actually maybe we should surround the whole sorry affair in an SEP field, that’d work…


Actually I agree with you. The Russians are more likely to have done this.
However like a Crown Court Judge directing a Jury, I have yet to see evidence that the Russian State did this. I remain a sceptic as do most sane people including anyone with basic training in law.


See, this is what i don’t get. Based on what? All i’m seeing as an answer is, look at the propaganda, which turns out to be exactly that. What am i missing?


You won’t see evidence or proof, this is the secret services we’re talking about, they don’t readily give information (any) away.


You believe Russia’s propaganda?

Simply put what do you believe more?
That is what this boils down to.


Let’s go back to the beginning(you’re still ignoring all these points) and then, if there’s any other hypothesis(© bellendcat) to discuss, we can continue.
w[quote=“Saint-or-sinner, post:1356, topic:654, full:true”]
If you look at what we know, probability disagrees with you.
During operation Toxic Dagger(look that up and all involved), no one was poisoned with the many compounds known in the west as Novichok, for the simple reason that they would have died very quickly(Dawn, before the ambulance arrived).
3 people were admitted with severe poisoning, but not nerve agent, as confirmed to the times.
Witness statements say the 3 people poisoned all showed signs consistent to being poisoned with 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate, a compound used by America and Britain(not Russia). The Spiez lab report showed this compound present, with traces of A234(Novichok) so high that it would have killed in seconds and should have degraded significantly given the time since exposure, but hadn’t. No wonder our government are breaking the rules.
Our government accused and found Russia guilty in an instant(before PD could confirm). They then broke all agreed rules and subsequently tried to get the rules changed. They have promised partner countries evidence for over 6 months(that they claimed to have at the beginning), but have still to deliver. The PM and FS have knowingly lied to Parliament and the nation, which should really have been talked about in the press.
All the people involved have disappeared, which looks rather odd. Both the Skripals, special branch man Bailey and his whole family, Charlie Rowley and Dawn(what happened to the funeral). Pablo Miller and the Doctor at the scene(convenient), that got covered in bodily fludid and knew it was a nerve agent attack(how?), but wanted to be left alone(that’s ok then, don’t worry about a possible attempted murder. Off you go).
Do i need to even bother going into the subsequent Swiss cheese fairytale? Probability would suggest not, as it falls at the first hurdle(or door handle in this case).
Still the whole charade has distracted everyone from the the real problems, whilst giving people of a certain persuasion, an enemy to blame it all on.
What this all boils down to, is how much your prepared to bow at the alter of propaganda.
How far are you bent over Barry?


How do you know this?

Prove it?