📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


No I didn’t say that did I?

Digest what I wrote.

The Russian involvement is more plausible to me.


Spy/traitor kills himself in plutonium own goal.

Plausible or more believable than the other versions?


I wrote. [quote=“Saint-or-sinner, post:1316, topic:654”]
Don’t you find it strange that all our media take a debunked propaganda mouth piece as fact, without question?
You replied.

Followed by this drivel.

I want people to substantiate THEIR views, not just print as fact without checking.
Your willingness to believe is religious in it’s conviction.


Have you ever looked at how much the polonium was worth? Makes it a fucking expensive murder weapon. Might as well have flown an airliner into him.


Yet you substantiate the Russians being there?

You believe that without question, thats what stands out in this.

I don’t believe either but they’re the security services, thats their job to leave smoke and mirrors.

You simply don’t believe the British as you don’t like the British.

Thats not a common sense approach, its a blind one, Russia could admit it and you’ll still think it wasn’t them.


It came from somewhere.


More made up bollocks.
I simply don’t believe the evidence free unbelievable fairytale, were as you do, religiously. Where’s the common sense in that?




Apologies, Barry. I never expected anyone to take me seriously. I was just aping your scrapegy [sic]


You simply don’t believe any British narrative yet you do the Russians.

That is the thrust of it.


Don’t worry Pap no one takes you seriously.


Really Israel? Where is the proof?


I thought you didn’t need proof. That is your standard. There’s no point asking for it now.


No, no, no young Pap, proof is only needed when it doesn’t agree with your agenda.

Otherwise just post some obscure website to justify your beliefs from some disenfranchised person who hates the state and Government…


Have a holiday on Stormfront, Bazza. You need some more new material.


Your assertions are as crude and wrong as they were on Saints Web Pap, a leopard never changes it spots.


What does a leopard spot?


Blind guesswork, wrongful and lazy accusations and a willingness to accept information regardless of quality…


What, like your constant baseless accusations that @Saint-or-sinner is crazy? What is it they say about fascists? Ah, that’s right. They accuse their opponents of being what they are themselves.


Is this an admission?