📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Memories are short, so let’s have a little reminder of what happened on day one. Day one, fingers were pointed at the Russians, with the story breaking within hours that two former Russians had been poisoned with a nerve agent spray. Day one.

How the fuck did our people know all that so quickly? On day one, the Skripals were two collapsed people in a park. Fair enough, their identities would have been quickly established, but is A&E’s first priority into diagnosing unconscious people, who can provide no details of what it is they might have taken or been exposed to? Is nerve agent really the first thing they’re going to check? The government’s account waltzed around the world before any sort of probity had the chance to get its pants on.

On day two, the Saudi Crown Prince arrived on a highly controversial visit, not that most people would know it, because the quickly concocted Skripal story was on the newsreels 24/7.

If this is how our police operated in the main, we’d say that we were a police state. How else would you describe an investigation which reached its conclusion four hours later with no physical evidence?

Apparently, the OB knew that the alleged agents were in town six months ago, knew they were staying in that hotel. Did they inform the hotel owner that the premises might be contaminated? Nope. They just let it carry on being a hotel, with all the guests and potential contamination. Back in the day, they were shutting Salisbury businesses down left, right and centre.

This stinks, and I reckon the only folk having trouble sniffing it out are those with too much shit up their noses already to smell the difference.


Seeing as the Fail and the Gruaniad have fallen in the considered esteem of this place of late, here is a very good “independent” articulation of most sane peoples concerns.


Read that last night. It is good to see someone asking a few questions. That is the point of the press after all.
She’ll never work again, obvs.


While not specifically relevant to general news reporting, I wonder how much of this (worrying) mind set influences articles and writers these days


The independent obviously hate this country and suck Putin’s cock. Right?


This is probably the must pertinent bit from that article, IMHO :-

And when, as this week, UK officials say they do not “dispute” Bellingcat’s identification of Chepiga and Mishkin, does this not prompt a few questions about whether, say, our “agencies” reached the same conclusions long ago, but kept quiet, or why most of the UK’s media apparently find Bellingcat a more trustworthy source than the UK intelligence services (possible answer: Iraq)? Might not the group’s good name be being used to get information into the public domain that officials do not want to vouch for? And, if so, would this be to inform, or to mislead?


It’s why I and others remain in the “fishy” camp. Bazza and Pap are both correct in their opinions because there is still “doubt” about the sources as she mentions later in the article “evidence which would be thrown out of court”.

Perhaps we could invent a new word and say many of us remain skriptical of both sides at this point in time




Boris Berezovsk’s mule died from that very expensive stuff he was transporting, still that’s what happened to people that stole from Boris.


More muddying the waters and denying reality.

Comrade SOS you’re wrong, mistaken but you’re loyal.


Back to the propaganda. This third Russian was on the same plane back to Moscow, so obviously guilty, even though he travelled here in the same month for the last 3 years.
Read the article(or just the headline) and see how they’ve changed bellendcats maybes into hard fact.


No he worked for Boris and couriered for him and he had just returned from a meeting with in isreal with a nuclear rep.
You keep believing Barry.


You don’t find their travel plans strange?


Not as strange as i find the deliberate misleading propaganda.
Don’t you find it strange that all our media take a debunked propaganda mouth piece as fact, without question?
A media that toes the party line completely is called what?


We covered that one too. Last person to see him before the polonium diagnosis was an Italian nuclear expert, and a self-proclaimed CIA asset.

I’ll point out again that you’re in dire straits (not the band) if you’re :-

  • ignoring all the inconsistencies I’ve enumerated
  • relying on an unrelated, unproven case from 2006 to prove things now.
  • doling out one liner posts like the bastard offspring of Arnie and a deranged fucking gibbon.


Who do you think it was Pap?



More plausible than Russians flying in on false passports claiming to see the World famous Salisbury spire?


Thats the thing I don’t, you want people to to substantiate your views and claims.

I don’t happen to believe either, but I happen to believe the Russians less than the British, common sense.
A good British attribute, I suggest you use it.


So you’ll accept anything, no matter how implausible, without question. Your a danger to freedom, just like a press that doesn’t question.
When did the fake passport story become fact?