📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


You thought I didn’t live in Liverpool for years, until I met you.

This says enough to me to know you’re not fucking Ironside…


I’m not talking about on this thread, I’m talking in general - but anyway…

Of course you’re not advancing any other theory, as there is no other theory out there that would make you look anything but a moron.

SoS has fucked off, the day the second identity was revealed? For me, that’s incredibly telling, and you know what, I’d be embarrassed too if I’d been peddling what he had, with that ferocity, for that length of time, and was then wrong.


And no lions roared in this thread, self-made or otherwise.

I’ll take no lessons from Captain Stormfront, ta x


I don’t think so. I think there are plenty of folk with something to gain, including the far right government in Ukraine that our government supports, who’ve got recent form for faking assassinations.


Why was that faked?


Ok McCarthy.


Please. I’m not the one ramping up the red menace.

It’s probably good that you’ve got a hobby though.


In all probability they did it?

Any other high %'s?

Its probability remember.

This out by the BBC a few minutes ago.


In a court of law, probability is a factor, but it is based on evidence.

Anything this circumstantial would be thrown out. There is no physical evidence whatsoever of the suspects being at the place. Further, that article also references the alleged OPCW incident, again, so laughably inept it is unreal, photographed right outside the OPCW, with obvious recording equipment hanging out of the arse of their car :smiley:

Compelling, because it is neatly labelled :smiley:



In all probability the Russians did this, the by far most likely scenario.



Yeah, because of one simple reason. What the fuck have they gotten from it save bother?


You think the Russians planned it to go to this way?

They’re the most likely and that is all there is to it until anything leads otherwise.


Well, put it this way. If I were a moustache twirling Muscovite with the sort of power Putin has, and wanted to murder a former asset, I’d probably use a murder weapon that didn’t have my signature on it.


Like Litvinenko?


What’s the matter Bazza?

Evidence a bit too circumstantial for you? I would have thought that if it was as lock stock as you have frequently suggested, you would not need to refer to a separate incident, twelve years in the past.


An example of previous such actions.

This is easy Pap to follow, probability.

That is the key word here.


I have no idea why you feel qualified to mention the 2006 incident as a point of truth. As I understand things, there is no conclusive evidence, and one of the last people to see the victim alive was an Italian nuclear energy expert, a self-proclaimed CIA asset.

Did you not remember those parts, Barry?


You had no conclusive evidence yet formed a stone solid opinion I didn’t live in Liverpool, based upon what?


More flounced off, than fucked off, but you weren’t to know(even i get bored of it sometimes).
Regarding the above quoted, it’s incorrect(completely). If you go back, you will see my last post here, was at least 2 days before the second person was announced(i did predict it), by the Atlantic Councils(look them up) new mouth piece.
Can you show what i’ve been “peddling” and how you are certain i am wrong?
Where was this latest announcement made and who organised it? Worth thinking about.


Well, largely based on you not putting the matter conclusively to rest. But that’s diversion, and as far as I can tell, has nothing to do with the matter being discussed.

I took the shame for that back in the day. Learned a lesson. You might try it sometime.

Back on topic, you’re doing the exact same thing that our beloved media does. Using shit to justify shit while eating shit. It’s really not very dignified.