📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


The GRU doesn’t even exist anymore, so no, they’re not GRU.

The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Russian: Гла́вное управле́ние Генера́льного шта́ба Вооружённых Сил Росси́йской Федера́ции), abbreviated G.U.

Basic Wikipedia research which seems to have eluded both you and the rest of the Anglo American bubble.


Oh, a technicality. Good work.

Ok, any sort of Russian state sponsored intelligence service?


If they are, I don’t know why you’d ever consider them a threat.

The next time they plan something heinous, all we have to do is stop the unreliable public transport they’re using to make their daring escape from attempted murder on a Sunday.

Or of course, not give them the fucking visas in the first place.

All of your certainty is predicated on both the Russians and the people at the UK being completely fucking incompetent and having statecraft akin to Eastleigh declaring its fucking independence.

That one to back, is it kid?


You’re being pedantic, its still known by that.


Yes or no, do you believe they are any sort of state sponsored intelligence service?


You do know about how the game works I assume? You can’t not issue visas, its part of the game.

Now go and look that up and come back and say.

Oh yeah, he was right, spying is allowed in nearly every nation, I’ll say it again allowed.

Murder isn’t.


Lol. That article makes the whole thing as clear as mud. Have you even read it because if that’s your evidence you’re fucked.


Evidence? No we’re not in court.

An example yes.


Don’t know what you’re talking about. If you can’t not issue visas, what is the point of our various consulates around the world?

What is the point of visas in general, if they’re never not issued?

Why are people forbidden from travelling for not having visas?

You’re talking absolute cock.


I don’t believe anything.

I assess things based on the evidence. The fact that you used that word suggests magical thinking and an irrational faith in anything that is said, as long as it is our government that is saying it.

Have you actually seen our ministers of state, at all?


Of course you can issue visas, why would you deny them having one?
On what grounds?
If they were spies and it was known but they haven’t been outed it would have been granted and they would have been followed, it they weren’t they would have been granted without issue.

Spying is allowed, all nations do it.

This isn’t difficult to follow.


You? Assess things on evidence? Mr Conspiracy-theory??

Nope, not having that.


So our people:-

  • Gave them visas
  • Followed them
  • Then failed to prevent the alleged attack?

Yeah, I’m sure that’s precisely how spying works.


Followed them?


And yet, you’re deep-throating the sweetcorn encrusted cable this government of idiots crapped out.

With no evidence.

Is it like Diet Coke?


Thats a possibility Pap, could have been a balls up by the British as well and now they’re hiding it.

If you expelled every spy no nation would have a consulate anywhere.

Its not James Bond Pap its information.


Sorry, two GRU agents, in Salisbury on the day of the attacks, near to the Skripals, is all the circumstantial evidence needed.

What would you propose they were doing there?


The Russian residents given visas by the British Consulate came for bum love and tourism, by all accounts.

And again, your point is predicated on the British being completely fucking incompetent.

Which is weird, because you want us to believe in their competence now.

Sorry Cherts, you can’t have it both ways.


You spend 99% of your time pointing out how incompetent the British are, why change now apart from the fact that it doesn’t support your narrative?

I completely believe the British could have made a mistake and then was able to find out who did it? Why not?

Your point is predicated on the fact that if someone makes a mistake once, they are forever incompetent. That’s a ridiculous assertion.

As we know though, @Barry-Sanchez is Dune.


The strength of your argument is ably illustrated by the ad hominem attack (as you see it).

I see that event as perfect backup to my points. The evidence didn’t meet with my expectations, so I changed my expectation. There’s much to learn from that, and many of the people I brought over to Sotonians became my mates when I was good enough to admit I was wrong.

What you’re saying is that the British Consulate, those responsible for determining the potential spy-ness of any given visitor, got it completely wrong and allowed two high ranking Russian assets to mill around England on a Sunday, before those agents completely fluffed up an attempted murder and then made a daring escape back to Moscow on a Sunday timetable.

I dispute your figure of 99% obviously. I never really got that involved in this thread until I saw yourself and @Barry-Sanchez’s futile attempts at self-lionisation at the expense of another forum member, who incidentally, has fucked off, ostensibly due to your playground tag teaming.

Try playing with me instead. I think the thing that annoys you is that I’m not advancing any particular theory, just pointing out the massive inconsistencies in the diarrhoea that you’re drinking.