📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Where do Bellingcat and the insider get their funding?


So you think the findings are false then, that those two are not GRU?


Away from conspiracies for a moment.



Higgins launched the Bellingcat platform in 2014 with the help of private donations received through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Half of funding comes from grants and donations, the other half from running workshops training people in the art of open-source investigations.For example, Bellingcat has received grants from Google Digital News Initiative, Adessium, and the Open Society Foundations. The organisation publishes guides on how to analyse data and how to create reports, such as “How to Scrape Interactive Geospacial Data” and “How to Identify Burnt Villages by Satellite Imagery”.

No sure on the The Insider - proper Russian innit.


Regardless of source (people will always believe what they want according to their agenda and beliefs) what are the probabilities this is a Russian mission?>

Higher than a British one?
I would certainly say so, so whilst we don’t know and will never know for sure as Russia always denies even when the truth is right in front of them the probability of it being them is far far higher than anyone else.

Ukraine aggression in the East of the Country.
Blowing up of a passenger carrier.

Excuses, muddying the waters and denials, its all boring and agenda driven.
Geo politics, buffer zones and Putin’s expansionism of Russia is where the higher % are.


Interesting read, its puts our institution Europe/Russia lovers in a quandary.


You forget the CIA.


Are they on the council?
Acknowledge one thing at a time, don’t throw something else on there.
Anyone mentions Russia people defending go but what about this or that?
That doesn’t excuse the original point concerning Russia does it?


So the CIA’s Google and the Soros funded open society group then. Interesting that the insider and Bellingcat co-run workshops in US too.
Murkier and murkier Watson.
I will stop now as bazza will have a tin foil meltdown and fatso will get upset.


Who cares about that?

Probability, read what I wrote.


I’ll make this simple and only concentrate on one thing, I’ll pick the downing of a passenger airliner.

Who do you believe or in all probability believe shot down that airliner?


Seems Vlad ain’t a happy bunny.


Why wouldn’t they run workshops in the US though? They’ve also run them in London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Struggling to grasp your point on this one.

Do you not think that the people in those photos are GRU? I’m trying to work out what that Bellingcat and the Insider have found you disagree with?


It’ll be interesting to see what Bellingcat have this afternoon.


It was more the fact that the two have links and are using each other to establish this proof. As pap said, a closed loop.


Ooo I love a quiz. Is it the same people who called a press conference to announce how Russia had assassinated one of its journalists only for the journalist to turn up alive and well at the press conference?


Why did they do that?


Because they are incompetent?


I’ll help you, you won’t believe it even though its a left paper as it doesn’t agree with your agenda, find a tin folier one.