The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


The Skripal attack was in Salisbury. Aylesbury is 8 miles away not the route of choice to anywhere except Swindon. Yet parts of it were cordoned off in attack 1.
Seemed odd then more so now.
That estate is where my Mum lived and ex wife still does. Again not on a main route more a local short cut passes it’s outskirts.
Solstice park nearby is a major distribution hub these days with some huge warehouses…
Curiouser & curiouser.
Forget politics but this is a disaster for the small businesses in the area.




After months of searches and thousands of hours of overtime for specialists, the couple are believed to have found a discarded syringe in the park between where the Skripals were found and their home?

Who makes this stuff up? And they said they had searched the City?


Where does Pablo Miller live?


I’m not sure why this is so incredulous?

Yes, there was a huge amount of manpower on clean up after the first attack, but you not looking for a needle in a haystack, you are looking for a needle (or something else) in a bloody huge area. I have lost my back doors keys, and I cannot find them in my house which is a couple of thousand sq ft. We are talking square miles here. I get why there could be remnants left over.

Then how did a random couple find it? After the clean up moved out, you then have tens of thousands of people walking around the area. The chances of discovery (even by accident) go up dramatically.

There are only two other alternatives

The Russians have decided to knock off two random people for what ever reason

Or , the British government (or another) did it.

Personally I think that is unlikely and this is fallout from the original incident.


I am sure I read that Putin had “re-invited” Theresa May to the WC about 2 days ago.
Then this…

But no, don’t believe it was the Russians this time. The people of Salisbury DO however need an explanation of how they can be told it was safe and it is not.
That is a fvck up of monumental proportions. The Elizabeth Gardens is where most parents take their kids to play in the rivers. THAT is the horror.


Don’t really agree. Putting my cynical hat on ( I almost never take it off ), I’d be seeing yet another example of @SaintBristol standing up for the establishment, and trying to make everyone feel guilty for even discussing it.

It’s a trick as old as time.

How dare you discuss so and so?

Given that I had fuck all to do with the state of those two people, I am unlikely to stop commenting on it, and would encourage others to ignore calls, however hamfisted, to stop discussion on these issues.


My recognition of the point only went as far as there being two human lives in peril.

Can’t comment on anything else though.


Here is a conspiracy theory

Russia have become increasing concerned about the quality of the England football team. In a hope to ensure they would get an easier semi final, they have set off another chain of events that will create a huge diplomatic row, that will result in the Harry Kane having his visa revoked and being expelled from the country before Saturday. England lose and Russia get Sweden in the semis.



Or, in attempt to cover up Engerlund bollixing it up at the weekend the Govt are concocting a bullshit smokescreen to cover our national blushes.

Well, that theory is as good as any other I’ve seen so far.


Are these two people
Also these two people?


lol. I follow a few policemen on twitter and when this news broke they were coming up with ideas for what the story would be to explain this incident.
One of the ideas was that the couple would likely have found a syringe and used it not knowing it miraculously contained Novichok.
Hey presto.


Well I also have an inside line on the case. I know and I was speaking last week with a woman who works at Porton Down. I asked her several probing questions and she said, and this is strictly off the record… “I couldn’t possibly comment”
I took it from this comment she knows more than she is saying.
Hope this helps.



I always wondered why @Goatboy never gets caught.

Technology eh? Back in the day, crims would buy a radio scanner and listen to the police frequencies, now Goat follows them on Twitter.


Always one step ahead :lou_wink_2:


:books: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Personally, I thought the first attack was bollocks. Still, a lot of fools and a lot of shame, not least in the people reporting on it.


Something like this?


You are, of course, right. I made a comment which ignored this fact and I feel a little bad now. I have lost my basic humanity since joining Sotonians. I blame the others.


Headline in today’s Metro “ Novochok ‘on a cigarette butt ’ “

The “victims” of this heinous Russian devised atrocity apparently were known to pick up fag butts to get the leftover tobacco.

I have difficulty understanding why them damn Ruskies put Novichok in a fag butt in the first place and then left it to be randomly picked up by someone apparently down on their luck, but I have even more difficulty in the Govt thinking people believe this is a logical situation and accept the story as fact.

I apologise in advance to @SaintBristol if it turns out to be completely true and will never doubt the MSM again, ever. Well maybe a little…


Didn’t the two Russians smoke? Could it have been their discarded cigarette butt?


Is this the same nerve agent that would have killed the Skripals if rain hadn’t diluted it on the door handle?
Now a cigarette butt 4 months later is still contaminated.
Just as well Salisbury didn’t 10.8mm of rain in an hour on 29th May.
Oh wait, it did.
We shouldn’t be surprised at the level of incompetence, when we have people in power that say things like “accidentally targeted”.