😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life




Do you know, I hadn’t thought of him…


These last few weeks waiting for our new pup to be born, (still 3 weeks away) I’ve taken to viewing YouTube puppy videos…OK I know, “you soft bugger”

They make me smile when I miss my old mate…the black and white pup in the opening shot so reminds me of him…sniff.


Sitting in the cargo shed in Warsaw and our cat goes hurtling by in her box on a fork lift giving it large.
Followed by my golf bag!
We made it, just more paperwork and well be on the road south


Getting an email like this:-

Hello Paul,

Quite by accident, the sandwich wrapper you discarded earlier, missed the inside of the bin. However, you overconfident in your wrapper throwing accuracy, had already turned away in extravagant celebration of your throw.

I have kindly put the wrapper in the bin for you, however I must note, to my horror, it was damp to the touch.

It’s great to work with Bob Mortimer fans.


Terrible, the comma after However shouldn’t be there, it should be after you…


The bloke is from St Helens, a place where football is played with an egg and the local team are called the Saints.

You make allowances :slight_smile:


One of your team?

As a manager you need to come down with the full power of unreasonableness and delegate the shittiest job you can think of in revenge and then some…


When you buy some stuff in a shop and it comes to £6.85, and you get your change out of your pocket (not a euphemism) and it comes to exactly £6.85 :smiley:


Feeling proud.
Today I found vinegar, Tartare sauce, all on my own.
I also started my Wine rack refill plan.
Today was to fill with wine under 20 Zloty a bottle (about £3.33)
I will report but I got some Bulgarian Rose, Moldovan Cab Sav & others.
Basically 3 bottles of wine for the price of a pint at Barasti…


I take it you will be drinking wine in a pint glass in future. :lou_lol:


Plastic mugs until we get our gear cleared out of Warsaw customs & delivered.
Had to buy some shit Slovak beer yesterday because it was on promotion with 2 half pint glasses.
Need those for our vodka.

Oh I also (& this IS big news) found HP Baked Beans


Fucking hell, how much are the beans that you have to pay in installments?


Me & Mrs D_P will 1st unload 550kg off the back of a truck. In 70x55x55 cartons each weighing 40kg plus a golf bag.
Then we will sort the contents and carry half up 3 flights of stairs at the in laws and the rest up 3 flights at our place.
Some property for looks or money. I married genius, our 1st shipment is here sailed through customs and all done by her fighting and researching every step of the way.
Woo hoo!
I may move to the pickled thread earlier than usual on a Friday


Taking my dog for a walk to the park in the snow - he turned into a six-and-a-half-year-old puppy.


Boxesunloaded everything upstairs, 50% put away, Sun dropping below the hill opposite so sundownsr time.


A big jar of peanut butter and a teaspoon



1st proper Sunday for 25 years.
Watched locals go to Church, snoozed on the safa, had family come round


cancelling that insurance I really didn’t need. Working out my finances after a bit of a battering (birthdays!) and now being part time but seeing it’s not going to be too horrendous (must not shop, must not shop). Plus unsubscribing from so much spam I get.


I did something similar at the beginning of January, overhauled all my direct debits/credit cards and whatnot, saving myself about £90 a month :lou_smiley: