😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


While we get moved, Mrs D_P is doing some gig work.
And you lot are paying her.
Yep, she’s doing a gig funded by the EU, #tradedelegation stuff.
God bless the EU!


The cat has a draft Master AirWayBill!
We have the 1st big final hurdle done.
Only 2,976,472 more things to do before Monday


Just skied home in the dark after a party on the mountain.

What can be better, eighties music , fondue, many many beers and a 4 mile ski home with torch

Fucking epic


Staying in the warm no where near skis?


Going on the internet and purchasing a ticket to watch Saints Live.

I will be going to the Fulham game
I will be available for pre and post drinkies.




Good man! See you in the pub then.


It’s a Wednesday night? Have I mentioned before that I play in a pool league on a Wednesday night so, therefore, I might not be there…but then again, as it’s a special occasion…


Have spent / am spending this afternoon cooking meals for the next few days watching / listening to FA Cup games - as an interested neutral - with no interference from wife or kids Nice :+1:

Kicked of with a Ragu to go with Parpadelle tomorrow- started at 12:30, still cooking on low. Tastes fucking fantastic, if I may say so myself.

Next Chilli - ring stinging - got some new chilli purée which if not used before - add to the fire level.

Currently cooking a chicken and mushroom risotto- stomach filling as Young Adult #2 is off to the pub (& it’s his fave meal)

Will be drinking a lot later as promised to Baz, so I have a chance to understand his posts when he’s completely wankered.


Unbelieveable, built the last custom box for the washing machine and everything is ready for the Sea Cargo pick up tomorrow.

Mrs D_P delivered the Air Freight gear to Emirates today, damn it looks almost like real cargo
So many people have stepped up and helped us, box building, disassembling, even sending some guys and truck today for the airfreight!
About 30 people turned up to our party last night, Mrs D_P had everyone singing along (and crying) singing John Denver’s Leavin on a Jet Plane, I must say I was almost in the right key for Ruby (Oooh Ah ooooh Ah oooh Arrrr) and The Buggles, in fact I actually filled the dance floor #gulp.
So I cracked open a 2011 Mont Redon Chateau Neuf Du Pape and am now downing Belvedere Intense (100% proof & coke) to ease my aching muscles.
An exhausting weekend yet epic. Staggered home from the party at 1am after beers Bullfrogs, Tequila shots and was up making custom cardboard boxes at 6:45am.
Don’t have any feeling left in my fingers from scraping brown tape that lost it’s ends arrrgh.
1,5kg of sea freight in 27 boxes, 547kg if airfreight in 15 cartons all hand packed, shrink-wrapped, packing listed AND commercially valued (even each pair of fvcking socks!)
Anything happen today?


Some football. Saints didn’t play so you’re good…


Whatever happened to John Denver?


He died?


Really, how’d that happen?


Rocky Mountain Too High. Disappeared in his plane.


For want of breath is the usual way…


Well, seeing as Mrs D_P, the Cat and our airfreight will all be on the same plane, perhaps shouldn’t have put all eggs in one basket


Planes never crash these days mate, you’ll be fine. If they did it would be all over the news, especially if footballers were involved (which I think I’m right in saying hasn’t happened since Munich, sixty years ago.) Couldn’t happen nowadays.


Look out the windows…if it has an equal number of engines hanging from each wing, you’ll be OK.


Better yet, choose a plane with just the one engine, front and centre. That way there are fewer to go wrong, therefore a single engined plane is practically infallible :+1: