😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


boom. 2 in one day!

I won the bloody lottery! No seriously! 30 quid no less!

Then Mrs D_P was contacted by the ex of one of her pals asking if we wanted help moving. The guy has been super helpful so far, basically he has an annual staff rates allowance on flights and freight that he cannot use up in this work year and has offered them to us. Basically means we could airfreight ALL our small domestic appliances, TV, bedding and remaining clothes to Warsaw for not much more than my lottery win and a few beers!

Now not counting the chickens yet, we still have to sort out a shit load of logistics before we can even know we can take him up on the offer, but perhaps the first glimmer of 2019 being more positive than last year.



This thread is rubbish without photos LITSL. Get it sorted …


I did take pictures of Mum but she was sticking he nose into the camera lens so not very flattering. I will be seeing them all again soon so you’ll just have to be patient. :lou_lol:

Edit: OK I’ve relented…here’s “India” our chosen Mum for our “Molly”…


You sure that’s your surrogate mother & not CB’s frying pan receipt moment?


Me no understand mister???


Excellent choice of name, the world cannot have too many Molly’s.

Here is a picture of our Molly modelling an experimental, long range, sheep detecting device.


The Lady GaGa of the canine world.


This was our handsome boy lost in October after thirteen years… :sob:


Whilst we are sharing puppy/dog photos. These are some of our family over the years.

We used to only have Border Collies. I was about 4 when we had our first Peggy but no pics of her.
Then we had Sammy

She was mine really. She spent a lot of time with me. Sadly she had to be rehomed as my grandad and her didn’t get on. :anguished:

Megan then came into our lives.
She passed away when I was off travelling in 2007 aged about 11. :cry:

Then in 2013 my parents got 2 rescue westies. One was a bit poorly and didn’t spend too much time with us. Then last year they got 2 more.

They definitely are little pleasures in life. Even though I don’t see them much I really look forward to seeing them. Having a look at some photos are also a pick me up.


A week after doing this somehow I have no adverts every other post

A winnner :grinning:


Ed Sheehan? Twat. Another one of those who defy common sense, like Micheal McIntryre or Mrs Brown’s Boys… inexplicable popularity of insipid shit.


Wrong thread…this is the lovey-dovey thread. :lou_wink:


Liking Ed Sheeran, Michael McIntyre and Mrs Brown’s Boys is the will of the people so suck it up :lou_wink_2:


So, how can we do this on www.sotonians.com ?


This is fun watching the grand kids play


Sat by the slowly filling pool and listening to very loud late 70’s early 80’s music. And watching the grand kids faces :slight_smile:


Enjoyed the last 3 evenings heading out in the borough to enjoy the art installations set up for the beginning of the borough of culture. Even in the cold with some long queues. Each time I noted something different.


They actually like the music

And can dance better than me




My final round of golf on the Earth Course here in Dubai.

Sure I MAY get back one day but with low cost airlines these days bringing my own clubs etc is really unlikely.

So thanks to my Owls supporting mate PJ who blagged us free golf all this year.

And of course I played like a drain, Christ I even managed to go into 2 bunkers on one hole with the SAME shot. I did have a nice birdie on the 17th where the noisy bar is during DPWTC days - my first, so it was a moment.

Now back to Red Tape and Export Regulations arrrghh