😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


When one of my parent’s westies had to be put down, my mum called me. I was in the car, we were out looking for a places to live as moving to London then. Had a little cry in the car. Big part of pur lives.
Looking forward to puppy photos of your new family member.


Did my first week in new job. Started to process things today. May have made a few errors (tick box stuff, nothing major). I am now not back at work until Thursday. :sunglasses:

I may get used to it.

May also forget how to do the work with such big gaps.


I’ve was exposed to Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury. The first time I was taken unawares by the missus and kids. The second time he was headlining the Pyramid while I was tidying my tent. I’m not really a fan, so this gives me tremendous pleasure. Bang to rights too, I reckon.


He has also settled another case and had to give writing credits on a third.

He is a cover artist


Tagging every add on facebook as sexually inappropriate


Mrs D_P sitting around the table with Godparents talking stuff & drinking Vodka while I chill on the sofa and follow the FA Cup. Thanks to Draconian DUI Laws I’m sitting out the vodka and am 1) earning brownie points 2) gonna be taking the piss out of her all night when I carry her & her Mum to the car shortly


You should get a van. Easier for transporting dead weight.


Yay! Finally we are watching Women’s X country Skiing.
I know it’s not PC in the #metoo era but the phrase ooh, I could crush a coconut springs to mind at the sight of those thigh muscles.
I need more Vodka


Getting a call back from the Cocker Spaniel breeder so we can make a date to go and see her two pregnant bitches to make our choice of mother. :lou_lol:


Picking up a PS2 and some games (including the best game ever made ‘Vice City’) for £15 in a charity shop :lou_lol:


Seeing Video clips of 4 year old Grandsons’ 1st skiing trip :skier:

Good posture, but fair to say after only 3 days his steering is still a bit wonky :heart:


He’s probably better than Mrs G already.


Mum’s called “India” and is expecting on 12th February. :lou_lol:


When’s takeaway day?


What was about India?
Pup in April?


Well b/day + 8 weeks usually so around 9th April. We’ve been told we are welcome to visit whenever we want so loads of pictures of loads of little pups running around their garden will be forthcoming. :lou_lol:

The two expectant mothers are called “India” and “Syria”…I think I know which you would have chosen. :lou_wink_2:


Should have checked what i wrote before i posted. I meant to ask, what it was about India that made you choose her.
Syria and India. Tough choice and i’m sure both are as cultured as their name sakes(when not being harassed).
On name alone, probably India(it’s got something special about it).


(cha)Patty for a girl. Or (biri)Annie.
(rogan)Josh for a boy.


They are both the same colour, “Red” but India has a flat-coat which is easier to groom for a country dog that is likely to be up to her neck in water and mud. Syria’s coat is more fluffy and cuddly. Both lovely dogs and both will make great mothers.

The boss has already decided she will be called “Molly” :lou_lol:


BTW the breeder lives with eleven adult Cocker Spaniels in the house. As we sat in the kitchen chatting for an hour and a half, the Cockers took turns to come and say hello…resting their chins on our knees.

Jeez how can you not love Cocker Spaniels. :lou_lol: