😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


So a testube box of port then ?


There is some white port in your kit

I like white port


White port is quite lovely.


Carry on up the Khyber.
So wrong these days but so perfect :rofl:


When I asked if it would be OK Mrs C_S said “over her dead body even if it is Christmas”


Sidney Ruff Diamond breaking down in tears when his wife elopes with the khazi of kalabar… “I can’t help it, I just feel sorry for the poor berk…” :smile:


I want salted pork products to make my life complete


Walking through Poole Park and seeing a woodpecker in the trees pecking away


Morecambe & Wise…


Oh, so That’s why everyone on Twitter has been going on about the Next sale…
Just earned hero badge status taking Mrs D_P to Clark’s Village Outlet at Street. New dress for her birthday party tonight & suitcase now full!
Even got myself a great sports jacket thing for £8 cheaper than a pint back home!


Beers at sunset.


Cheese and port, shame the football is doing it’s best to ruin it…


Putting a bottle of washing up liquid in the swimming pool for the kids


Polish Christmas Tree Baubles…
About same size as a Cream Egg so a full Cherry Vodka Shot encased in chocolate.
Nom nom nom.
Luckily only had 4 of them or would have been on the pickled thread


Back to the very first post

Tickling the dog behind the ears knowing she loves you and you love her.


Yep miss our beautiful Cocker Spaniel…lost him on 29th October and the house has been miserable ever since. :sob:
…but yesterday made the decision to add another Cocker Spaniel to our lives. Some time in the next few months, the patter of tiny feet. :lou_lol:


Really sorry to hear about that - my parents’ Springer died around the same time and they still miss her like hell (as do I every time I’m over at their place). But, being in their 90s now, they really couldn’t get another dog. Good to hear that you’ve made the decision to get a new pup - and if there’s anything more gorgeous than a Cocker Spaniel puppy I don’t know what it is.


Thanks…It’s been a shitty time and the decision whether or not to have a pup was intended to be a head over heart but head loses out every time. Yesterday we both came to the same decision…and cried for our lost boy.


I have some arriving tomorrow morning

I hope


Westie puppies!