😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


Ah this is Ryanair Premier Class…you get a packet of Cheesy Whatsits and a carton of Kiora Orange Squash…but no seat.


My raffle winnings after buying £6 worth of tickets, not a manly thing in sight


Despite being spiky and rough-hewn I’m sure you can find uses for all of them Bob. Embrace your feminine side. :lou_lol:


This is why raffles are shite

My non beer drinking sister in law won a ringwood brewery hamper in a raffle - absolute waste

On the upside @BTripz the missus’ pressie is sorted


Yeah, you’d think, unfortunately she was there with me…


Just paint it all black and it is fine to use on menfolk (it’s all exactly the same stuff as the “mens” stuff).


Sitting around the mobile with Brother in Law watching football eating pig and drinking a variety of pickled thread collector items beers…
Oh and seeing Piers Morgan in a Spuds shirt


I’m a bit late to the party but thank fuck for that @pap

One of the most corrosive, divisive threads for a long time.

Right, it’s Friday so need to get my drinking boots on…


Today. A real pleasure, and it was work.
5:10 am alarm. Drive through freezing rain & black ice into Krakow to get their posh train to Warsaw. Met at station by Marcin our new bff here who takes us to meetings. He also drives us through the old town, manages to explain the Warsaw uprising (250k died in 3 months).
Meetings were good, he took us for a late lunch where the 1/2 roast Duck was the size of an entire Lamb.
Back to the station, time for a quick Gluhwein then train home. Then from the station to my 1st cold beer in the village we drove through 12 traffic lights. Every single one on green.
Yeah what an absolutely great day. 19:32 just poured a well earned Golden Ale


Carp Life.
Wigilia (Christmas Eve) is the big day here. They have 12 dishes dinner with no meat, but with soups and fish. So the older generation usually travel miles to get their fresh Carp and many will keep it in the bath! The village store set up a Carp stall, it was as if the whole village were collecting their fish today, loads of standing around talking. Proper community stuff.

Equally not boring is that the whole Tree thing is done much later than UK. Most putting them up this weekend. Equally not boring, seems in the main tgat was the women’s work while the boys did the hunter/gatherer fish thing.

Snow all gone, gonna piss down soon


I’ve had carp in Bulgaria at Easter. Keeping it in the bath is a way of cleaning it through as it can taste muddy otherwise. In BG they all have summer kitchens (outside) with trough sinks which they use to keep the carp (sharan) in. Yummy simply floured and fried.


Having sneaky go at the Xmas ham just after it has come out of the oven.

I’m quite proud of that particularly because I have been dealing with an atomic hangover all day. Who ends up in the Frog and Frigate in a dinner suit.

One day I will act my age.



Stollen cake, Patron, family.


Just had a Christmas dinner of sorts

Roast Pork, beef steaks with black pepper, sauce tuna steaks, yorkshire puddings roast potatoes Sweetcorn, English mustard Apple sauce,



Rice with a roast ?

Which all means I am now getting pleasantly plastered on the Tanduay

Merry Christmas Everybody.


I have discovered I have 2 bottles of unopened port, plus the port taster kit I got for my birthday, Christmas has come on time


Dont open them send them to me


Crack out the Stilton :lou_lol:


Youngsters dont understand the interaction of food and alchohol


What is a port taster kit apart from your own mouth?



Each test tube has enough to fill a port glass, so 125ml each?