😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


It’s gonna cost a fortune in batteries to keep that bad boy going and I’m not talking @Dubai_Phil


This is good news

I like this sort of collaborative enterprise


Suitcase packed, taxi booked to take me to the airport tomorrow afternoon for my flight to Thailand. I am away for three months, back in March so that will break the back of the winter. Staying with my Chandlers Ford mate again although i plan on traveling around, going to spend a bit of time in Vietnam and maybe Cambodia. Can’t wait to feel the sun on my back.


love Cambodia. Have fun NK.


Laying the law down in a foreman capacity :smiley:


You jammy bastard

3 months without having to go to St Mary’s


Sadly i don’t get to St Mary’s living in Liverpool. I shall be watching all the games on TV though, all the Premiership games are on TV live over there even the 3-o clock Saturday afternoon games although with the time difference they are on at 10 pm. Which is a very civilized time on a Saturday night for watching football in a bar.


Cambodia. Happy Pizza.
Nom nom nom munchies nom nom nom.
Mrs D_P all packed & checked in for her flight to Krakow tomorrow. I follow in a couple of weeks. 1st leg of getting out of here - need to find a place to stay open bank accounts etc.


Closing that fucking Brexit thread.

It was like concreting over nuclear waste.


Being here.

I made the mistake of the reading the Brexshit thread and nearly ruined it.


I suggest you avoid the BBC football results page for 8/12/18 as well.


Taken your advice and moved to here.


On this day (Well in about 5 hours) I took my seat at The Can be in Brisbane at the start of day2 of Aus v Eng 1st Test wearing my Saints shirt. 5 minutes later a pair of voices said OMG - 2 Saints fans in their shirts in the seats right behind me. They asked if I’d heard the result. I had. They asked if I’d heard about the goal. I hadn’t. Thanks to social media & MLT it’s a day I’ll never forget!


When TV show timelines get fvcked up.

So many relative points to today…