😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


It’s gonna cost a fortune in batteries to keep that bad boy going and I’m not talking @Polski_Filip


This is good news

I like this sort of collaborative enterprise


Suitcase packed, taxi booked to take me to the airport tomorrow afternoon for my flight to Thailand. I am away for three months, back in March so that will break the back of the winter. Staying with my Chandlers Ford mate again although i plan on traveling around, going to spend a bit of time in Vietnam and maybe Cambodia. Can’t wait to feel the sun on my back.


love Cambodia. Have fun NK.


Laying the law down in a foreman capacity :smiley:


You jammy bastard

3 months without having to go to St Mary’s


Sadly i don’t get to St Mary’s living in Liverpool. I shall be watching all the games on TV though, all the Premiership games are on TV live over there even the 3-o clock Saturday afternoon games although with the time difference they are on at 10 pm. Which is a very civilized time on a Saturday night for watching football in a bar.


Cambodia. Happy Pizza.
Nom nom nom munchies nom nom nom.
Mrs D_P all packed & checked in for her flight to Krakow tomorrow. I follow in a couple of weeks. 1st leg of getting out of here - need to find a place to stay open bank accounts etc.


Closing that fucking Brexit thread.

It was like concreting over nuclear waste.


Being here.

I made the mistake of the reading the Brexshit thread and nearly ruined it.


I suggest you avoid the BBC football results page for 8/12/18 as well.


Taken your advice and moved to here.


On this day (Well in about 5 hours) I took my seat at The Can be in Brisbane at the start of day2 of Aus v Eng 1st Test wearing my Saints shirt. 5 minutes later a pair of voices said OMG - 2 Saints fans in their shirts in the seats right behind me. They asked if I’d heard the result. I had. They asked if I’d heard about the goal. I hadn’t. Thanks to social media & MLT it’s a day I’ll never forget!


When TV show timelines get fvcked up.

So many relative points to today…


Did a home visit last thing. Had to share a report with parents as there is going to be a child protection conference for their family. I’ve met the kids quite a bit in the last few weeks. Think I’ve built up a good relationship with them. The youngest wanted to play with the question dice I used with him the other week. We agreed with his siblings and me included. Spent about 20 minutes doing that. He wanted me to stay longer and to see me again but I had to explain that this was my last visit seeing them.

Gah I will miss this element of my work.


Question is: does that epic moment make up for the rest of the bullshit?


Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.
Apparently our jobs makes us 80% office based. We are meant to work with people and help change. We cannot do that by typing away into a system and meeting performance indicators. The last few weeks I’d say I was 80% outside of office. We need better tech to be able to record stuff and be able to spend more time building positive helpful relationships.

I’m office back from 2nd Jan. No face to face contact any more. But as I am part time, thinking of doing work with refugee women in London.


When the girls were supposed to organise our Polish NYE back in September.
And forgot.
So everything was fully booked.
Oh I was SO gonna give her shit for a year…

So Mrs D_P called a place she used to work and got a free VIP Table invite for us. Endless food & beer in full Polish Wedding style.
(Wow may pull another all nighter on 1st day of 2019!)
Now only relying on Ryanair to get us back here on 31st after our UK Leg


Good luck with that …this is a picture of their new daily economy flight to Kracow…


Looks surprisingly roomy for Michael O’Leary. Are you sure this photo is legit? :smiley: