😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


When you do a visit to a fairly nice family where the kids are actually doing well and you wonder why you are there. I also got to play with a dog. Today was a ok day.


Two things from that jump out @Intiniki

“visit to a Fairly nice family”
“Today was an OK day”

Do you not think you deserve better better days?



Absolutely but whilst I work where I work it’s doubtful I will have any amazing days. I am working on my escape.


Good luck!



Absolutely nobody mentioned the England game V USA

No thread

Not a dickie bird

Until now of course :lou_is_a_flirt:


I watched it. It was like a training session.


All the Bournemouth fans I know crowing about Wilson’s goal. Then I remind them that Rickie scored with his first touch on debut and also cautioned them that Wilson would be off come January


G’moaning young Bob … how’s the head this morning ?


Head’s fine :+1:t2: is the lack of sleep that does you when you get to my age :rofl::joy:


Your age bloody whippersnanppers taken the piss get on with it .


When the astonishingly attractive and endowed fiancee of a tour pro does a bend forward back rotation stretch and has a wardrobe malfunction 1 metre in front of you…
Another 1st this year. Bewbs a on a golf course
I’m a professional I didn’t bat an eyelid. Couple of lads next to me needed a medevacs.

10 mins later @PhilippineSaint will get this one - Chinese lady comes up to me and says “hello, remember me?” This is my son 2 blokes next to me spray their beer and say - #yorkhotel.

Again I keep a straight face - just.
(She had been a volunteer last year b4 you ask)


I miss the York


Sometimes days pass by and I remember nothing. (Normally Saturdays after a visit to the pickled thread)

But exactly 15 years ago today, I remember EVERY moment of 4 days either side of a single moment. When time truly stood still

And, just like this video clip, THIS moment is ingrained in my brain in slow motion. I was in the far corner behind the kick, it was never going anywhere else. The train ride back to town, the meal out, the party, the after party, the everything up until the second AFTER I sat in my seat on the plane to come home.

A MASSIVE Pleasure of Everyday Life


Volunteers golf day for the thingy last week.
Play with 3 hackers, tell them hit a 150 yard club wind will carry it past bunkers then it will feed to the hole on the fast green.
They all stuff their balls into bunkers. I do as I said. Birdie

That isn’t a pleasure it is a shock.
The pleasure is?
3 hours of free beer! Woo hoo!


Ooh. I played quite well, look what I won


A Mace The new head of the House of Dubai?


I’m bolloxed moving outta here ain’t gonna get it as carry-on on Wizz Air that’s for sure…


A treat for Mrs D_P.


Why would she want something so much smaller


Love these days in the desert. Stadium is 1km from me