😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


+3’s brilliant for watching football on an Android mobile with Mobdro


Plus Fours for the golf?


Preventing contractors who have not completed there tasks to my satisfaction from leaving the unit until they have been completed.

There sad little faces when the realize they cannot go home is a picture to see.


Getting the notification from the airline that your check in is open and you know you will be going on leave in less than 48 hours :lou_lol:


Having to stay overnight on business in a gastro pub in Sandbach, which isn’t a ghastly pub.

Decent “real” lager @ £3.50 a pint!!!


Not having to sit through a football match tonight as my partner forgot it was on. :rofl:


Corporate buyouts, especially when they lead to FOUR Chrimbo parties :smiley:


Young Adult has been keeping a particularly low profile on social media and communication with the C_S household for the last week or so. She has Just turned up on the doorstep out of the blue from Exeter where it turns out she’s been suffering with proper flu.

Has come home on orders of Uni now she is feeling betterish for some TLC.

So @Saint-CD & @Bucks - if you can’t manage to get to the game tomorrow via SouthWestern Trains on a strike day when fully fit then there’s no hope for you



is it bad that the gig I am going to on Friday is postponed and I am just a little bit happy as it means I can stay in?


Nope, you are just getting old. :lou_wink_2:


Finishing a meal.

Recipients of meal all say that was very good dad / name / title

Then they all promptly say the worst meal you ever made was.

Which I know was a Pizza base that I put the cheese and tomato and associated other ingredients that I cant remember soon after arriving in the Philippines

So I know I cannot make a worse meal than a Pizza


Finally finishing 2 days of Advanced Excel. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…

Not just a normal excel but extracting data prepared by a Geek who used MBA Text Book formulas rather than the actual researched numbers then used Google Sheets not Excel and had 30+ sheets when we needed 3.

Caused me to miss the Charity Night with MLT that some of our krew went to last night. But seeing the photo of the lads (and MLT) all trying to stand up straight for a team photo made me both jealous but ecstatic that I am actually alive today as I know none of them will be.

And no you ain’t seeing THAT pic - we want him to come back again!


Being invited by a mate for a free round of golf in sensible “winter weather” - 33C.
Then shooting your best ever Stableford score - 45 points, and being sworn at by all and sundry


(87 in English) - basically 9 under par.




Minus 33C ??


He moved to the Artic circle for the weekend


My view with unlimted beer and rum and vodka


We plan to relocate to Europe. We have lost weight. We rebuilt our general wardrobes from Outlet Mall sales.
Because we live here we have a mix and match of “Sporty” type coats, Goretex, Straight Waterproof and skiing gear that still fits. We don’t have anything that resembles winter coats that we could wear to work and would never fly in them because we can take one coat and so need an all purpose waterproof/warm thing in winter.

So, with that as background, we set out this morning NOT thinking of that whatsoever. We were going to a Toys for Less Outlet store searching for some stocking fillers for Grandkids Nephews & Nieces for when we come back to Europe & UK at Xmas. We found some lovely gear and a few toys (and main stuff has already been ordered online for direct delivery).

We come out the store and into the “Brands for Less” next door. Now I randomly found a pair of $100 Greg Norman Golf Trousers there for $10 which I wore at the Ryder Cup so knew it was “Random”.

Mrs D_P came away with a $500 Merino Wool, grey winter coat for $60. That made her day and is her Xmas present, she had been looking for something like that since forever.

Me? I came away with an INC dark grey woollen Duffle Coat style for $30 which had a Macys’ Clearance Sale price tag - $285, (so Gawd knows how much it should have cost) and, for the same price (basically 22 quid) for a classic beige colour hooded Duffle Coat from Gap which is on the Gap Web Store on sale for $198. -

Mrs D_P is now the happiest bunny on the planet and I am gonna look damned cool heading down the pub in Krakow for NYE.

I’m now switching to the annoyances thread


But makes you wonder how much those things are made for in their sweatshops (Gap defo - been to one) and how ridiculous the original prices are.


Totally. I don’t need bling or brands to give me a self gratification.
I have kids Grandkids and amazing things I have done
But it’s great when you get exactly what you want at a stupidly cheap price!