😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


Doesn’t everyone?



Nah. Argyle socks are for golfists and onanists only. Stripes all the way.


Socks? What are socks?


I don’t play golf…


Did someone mention golf?..

Not happy to be back in Dubai.
Am happy to have picked up a fresh hot Pain Ancient from the local Carrefour and just munched it with some Mushroom Pate.

Never had time for that type of stuff while away


When you:-

  • Stick your neck out
  • Use your powers of persuasion (for good)
  • And get a result

It has been a good end to the week.


Waking up in a field in surrey. Saying good morning to the llamas and geese. Bacon and egg in the (rented) campervan.


Good digging conditions in Surrey?


It’s raining quite heavily so the ground should be quite soft.

Now I know @Goatboy is in God’s second favourite county I shall be locking all the doors at Cobham Saint Towers


Listening to townies moan because the countryside isn’t to their liking

The farmer seems a bit of a dick tbf though


Watching 15 Polish trade delegates ordering Lebanese street food…
Bless them


Mrs D_P’s face when I point out that a Shwarma here cost £8.
Jeez. Its street food ffs 60p max up the road


I didn’t realise you could get bacon from Llamas. How were the geese eggs?


Llama eggs and goose bacon.


Didn’t you know that in Surrey you can get whatever you want. If you have enough cash…

I don’t :lou_sad:


My wife and I took part in our first Tai Chi session at the local village hall this afternoon.
Good value, a fiver each for a 1 hour session so I’m not complaining, however a little disappointed we didn’t get down to any real paper folding.

Maybe that will come next week.


I thought Tai Chi was a sort of curry tbf.


Prefer the red version


I did a bit of Tai Chi and realy enjoyed it.
My partner and I had our first ballroom/Latin dance lesson together tonight.
I’ve done a bit in the past. My partner reckons he’s a dash on the dance floor.
I had quite a good laugh.
May go back if not too knackered after work.


Poundland and their range of reading glasses :grin: