😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

They won’t.

They never do, much as we all want it.

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Would Sports Direct let me log on to track my order? No
Did they send me an order confirmation? No
Did the money go out my account? No.
As I was chatting to my mate on Messenger about a plan B they got delivered to him.

Unbelievable Jeff

Money still on my account.

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Keep them dont pay and use the ones that are tried and tested.
If they claim the money give them your real address and say where are they.

A week later you will recieve another pair.

Having the pool guy clean it before I get in :grin::grin:


You didn’t leave one floating from last night did you? :lou_facepalm_2:

Ooh no i have never shat in the pool

Today’s chilli harvest.
Prob 1 more to go from these 2 bushes. Bush 3 is covered in bigger but still green ones


There, corrected it. No charge.:+1:

The Dr Butler’s Head in t’City

1 pint is five so far

It is pissing down so no rush to get train and get soaked…

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A couple of hours rain still to come

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Just got on train home after cheeky a double cheeseburger for tea.

Young Adult#2 has agreed to pick me up from station.

Price = Normal price for him giving me a buzz cut hair cut is a tenner.

He’s still a broke student so can hardly say no :wink:


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Found an unpretentious but excellent French restaurant and enjoyed my first real French meal out for several years. :smile:

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Eating the first of this years apples from my mini orchard planted in tubs during first lockdown.
There were two apples on one tree last year, but this year both apple trees have fruited, and hopefully I will eat them all!
There are pears as well - they are next, although Mrs TB has plans for pickled pears, which are really good.


Today’s the day for “The Chase”

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What time?

5pm on ITV1 or 6pm on ITV+1 or on ITVX catchup TV

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Have told the missus - I’m in the office in Brizzle. Will ask her opinion.

Mrs C_S was impressed you did the last bit on your own and won something!

I can’t get it in France. What happened?