😃 The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life

:smiley: The Little Pleasures of Everyday Life


Yeah, I think we can all see why it’s a bargain





My eyes are now bleeding profusely…


No, we can see why it was cheap. To be a bargain it also has to be good value. :lou_lol:


Is it made from Laura ingles’ dress?


So @Cobham-Saint is now PhilistineSaint.
Did we vote on that and raise some money for the sick lickle kiddies?


I like it, but I’m avocado eating, vinyl collecting, bearded, man-bunned, vaper in East London



I can’t bloody stand these magic eye pictures.


Who else had to read this twice…


I didn’t read it as man-bunned first time…


Nice to see they’ve found a way to recycle those old colour blindness tests


…with impeccable taste.


Corrected it.



Must be a fuckin’ big hole in the lounge curtains…your wife is going to kill ya.


Good point, it is very Laura Ashley


We went to Toys for Less an outlet store looking for something for Grandson - nothing.
Went next door Timberlake Outlet Mrs D_P found the boots she wanted.
I went next door to Brands for Less the dump stock store.
It was rammed with Greg Norman golf trousers & shorts reduced from $100 to $10 plus Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger Ralph Lauren & Dockers Chinos at the same price.
Filled me boots. Complete new wardrobe for £40!


Maybe this should go in the pissed offvthread but.

You might recall I posted about my oldest mate who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer?

Anyway, he has had a bollock lopped off and will have a round of chemotherapy next Thurs. The current prognosis is good.

Me and Mrs C_ S met him in the pub earlier with his missus for a couple.

Admitting that he has had a couple of black dog days since the diagnosis he is actually incredibly positive. He’s not looking forward to the throwing up and hair loss, but the expected weight loss is a great comfort.

Won’t be able to see him now for 3-4 weeks now because his immune system will be shot but we’re doing beer, wine , spirits and maybe a good steak afterwards- regardless.

I really love how positive he is.


The anticipation when you have a the following:
Check in time for Helicopter.
Hotel booked 1 night
Flights booked and checked in boarding passes in grubby little hands.
bag packed and ready to depart rig.
zero work hours officially left.


It’s a quiet night at karaoke. We’re here as Mrs D_P wants to catch up with pals.
There are 5 X Factor judges house level singers & me entertaining the crowd and helping our mate the DJ out. I’m having to dig out songs I only sing in the shower (with the door shut)
Guess who won the 50 quid of free booze…
Who could have imagined I could sing Sting, Queen & the Stones…


Perhaps it isnt my talent.
It must be the Jaeger shots for each song