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When I say “arm” obviously I meant “arms”.

Down @Goatboy - nothing to see here.


More than arms. Lots and lots more.

But you’ll be called crazy if you mention it.


In some quarters we’d be called traitors for even mentioning it.


Death and deception seem to be our best sellable skills.
How do you sell that to anyone except the power hungry psychos?
How low we have sunk, without so much as a whimper.


Years of cowing and manipulating the masses to not question why our “elite” are allowed to have free reign in sowing death and destruction globally for personal profit.

You’d hope their children are appalled, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


Your post reminded me of this, from a poster on another Site(never seen them write quite like this before). 5th paragraph is the important one, mainly because no one seems to realise it.

The pathocracy identifies the psychopaths it needs to manage their empire at an early age – do they enjoy pulling off spider legs; that type of thing.

These youngsters are than hot housed and introduced to their future and shown the Seat At The Table – they could earn for them and their progeny once they have delivered for the kings of the Empire.

Rhodes, Churchill… the Clintons, the Blairs…most of the compromised MSM wonks. Military and police of course, Academia, Corporate types, Politicians … and the Bankers.

Their reward to get a closer and closer seat to the centre – most won’t ever get to know the true Kings, unless they achieve the closest table to them.

ALL history is written by them. All wars are made by them. All financial booms and busts are managed by them. The plans are decades in the making. They don’t do short term. The next shock is underway, the third world war is raging – it is using new weapons – economic, not old fashioned gunpowder and trenches and tanks and bombers. They are ready to remove privacy and personal financial independence by giving us all electronic money – which can be turned on or off at a whiff of rebellion. No cash – No choice.

Many psychopaths really want to be part of this Pathocracy and reverse the path of human development of social democracy and consience, back to that of a few masters and the rest as their slaves.

Picking some of the psychopathic slaves to control all the rest – like they did in the ghettoes and camps, as the capos. They would happily sell their friends and children and grannies to satisfy their lusts for power and money.

It is a choice, Murray made it as did Manning and Snowden and Assange and many more are doing daily as we get self informed and more people blow whistles on the big Lies.

Either be a cog in the Pathocracy or RESIST and save the Human race and Life on Earth.

You’re a crazy traitor if you believe any of this is possible, has or will ever happen, or is indeed happening as we speak.
Stay safe, stay in the (n)ever changing, non reflecting, 3 week news cycle.


Fucking mental. I think I got through the stream of consciousness to what they meant…,



France’s railway is often cited as an example of how state owned railways can exist in the EU. It would seem we will soon be looking for other examples:





Maybe if they put as much effort into actual news reporting…


Seriously hope this is a sad accident

BBC News - Russian rescue amid deadly blaze on two cargo ships off Crimea


This is pretty huge news. The first conviction in UK. It should be raised as a great piece of work by the professionals involved but unlikely it will happen.




Sounds like some lazy fuck can’t wait for his inheritance.


Soppy cunt’s on a wind up, surely?



Some Southampton history news. Completely passed me by.