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BBC all over it?
Rest of the msm?
No they’re not all over it, they’re all in it.
Search integrity initiative in the guardian and see what comes up(or doesn’t).
Our supposed free press are nothing of the sort and we now get a narrower range of views than the Russian press.


Normally I’d say it will be glossed over but Emily Thornberry has already raised it in the House so if more shit gets uncovered there will be no hiding.


It’s been mentioned in the Guardian a couple of times, but not since the middle of last month.


Yes, had a look at the main site and a search brings up 2 results, but according to the guardian app, a search for the integrity initiative, returns 0 results(3 actually, but only for the word initiative and not relevant). That’s concerning if you consider the amount of people that look at news sites through their apps.
I know i go on about them, but it’s the one that annoys me the most. They were very good before the SS turned them over(still can be on a limited range of subjects), but are now just an SS mouth piece on any geopolitical issues. The continued employment of Luke Harding proves that. His completely false hatchet piece on Assange has been ridiculed around the world(read Glenn Greenwald). No retraction, no apology, Viner refusing to talk about it, still publishing Harding(that wasn’t the first time he’s been caught lying either) and they deleted the name of one of the authors of the piece(a known liar and fraudster).
Sad times for anyone that believes in a free and open press, that is willing to follow a story, no matter where it leads. Jonathan Cook and Nafeez Ahmed were treated shockingly by the guardian, for doing no more than reporting truth, but Harding is their darling. That’s a hell of a fall.


A multi millionaire businessman, Vijay Patel, whose company’s drug price rises have cost the NHS 50 million pounds was appointed OBE in the New Year’s honours list it has been revealed. Patel set up a company that exploited a loophole in health service rules to increase the price of old medicines for which it was the sole supplier by up to 2,500 per cent. His firm, Atnahs, raised the price of a packet of antidepressants from 5.71 to 154 pounds. An insomnia treatment now costs more than 138pounds instead of 12.10. Although the practice was exposed in 2016 by a front page Times investigation, prices have not been reduced. The increases mean that seven of the company’smedicines alone cost the NHS an extra 16.3 million in 2017.
They are exploiting a loophole that leaves them free to impose extortionate price rises on drugs if they drop an existing brand name and sell it under it’s generic name instead. They typically buy the exclusive marketing rights to these medicines from big pharmaceutical companies, then drop the brand name and sell the medicines under their generic names instead, taking advantage of a loophole in NHS pricing controls. The drugs move from Category C, where manufacturers face a profit cap, to Category A where they do not. There are four companies doing this, the NHS is paying an extra 262 million a year over the odds for more than 50 drugs - enough to pay for 7000 junior doctors earning 37,000 a year each.
Mr Patel was awarded his OBE last week for his “services to business and philanthropy”.

We are governed and ruled by a disgusting, corrupt elite who have nothing but contempt for us. Now where did i put that fucking yellow vest!


An interesting footnote to my last post. A bill passed in 2017 gives ministers the power to impose lower prices if taxpayers are being overcharged but the Health Secretary has declined to use it. During the Commons debate on the bill, Atnahs was criticized by name. When questioned about Patel’s honour a Cabinet Office source said that the nomination process was confidential but that “robust probity checks had been carried out”. Oh my aching sides! It doesn’t take a genius to work out who were the likely recipients of some of Mr Patel’s “Philanthropy”.


Just down the road from us.

An 18 year old was also stabbed on Sunday just 10 mins walk where we’d had out lunch that day.
When they’re under 18 I wonder if they’ve been someone I worked with. What more can we do? Move them out of the area is a sticking plaster and some people don’t want to change their whole world.
Equality and maybe de-criminalising drugs may help.


Weirdly it says the kid was riding a moped at age 14.

I thought the minimum age was 16 or are the rules different in London?


I was wondering about that too.


and @gavstar He was driving it illegally (it’s mentioned on other places and on the news). Seems he’d had it a while as a local garage said he’d bring it in. He apparently had only moved into the area recently. Many families are leaving London to get away from gangs.



Obviously it’s the Grammar Nazi’s innit


Apparently the Old Bill and the Home Office are trawling the stretch for smuggled migrants. 29 found in the back of the van, 23 on the loose and six in custody.

They decided to do this all at rush hour, on a section of the motorway with no hard shoulder.

And people wonder why we have a productivity problem.


They lost 23 out of 29?
The incompetence levels are amazing :joy::joy::joy:
Maybe should have stopped them coming in.

They are called smart motorways(or something). It’s smart, as in they charge to put an extra lane in, but just repaint the lines and put a bus stop(without buses, but there’s a phone) every few miles.

You were on your way home. They’ve had their excess labour out of you for today. Sit there all night as far as they care and if you happen to be closer to work in the morning, all the better.


I’m starting to think that if anyone is looking for a business idea for post-brexit Britain, manufacturing and exporting tear gas may be the way to go:


Might not need to export it if things really go south. Plenty of potential domestic demand.


Go nicely with the shit load of arms we make and export to MOT like regimes already…


Yeah, an industry we’re good at…killing people

World leaders

The Govt and media don’t like to talk about that.

Great Britain eh?!


Well given that most of the stuff is exported outside the EU… at least its one industry that wont be fucked by Brexit… :roll_eyes:


Fair point, we’ll made @Map-Of-Tasmania

Doesn’t detract from the fact that the UK are top at facilitating mass murder of other human beings.

That’s not something to be proud of and our Government are singularly quiet on the fact, while actively promoting the murdering fucking arm dealers.