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When they do protest marches them French really do it’


Have you actually looked at the other content of that web site?


which one?


Nationalist News US.

Also, are there any actual verified reports of snipers on rooftops?


Ah …yes, deleted. Soz. RE snipers: only images I’ve seen on Twatter.


No worries. Someone has to keep you on the straight and narrow, and that someone clearly isn’t Bletch! :lou_lol:


He was a bit messy!


I can well imagine - I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I know how it ends.



Everything looks rosy in Macron’s France at the moment doesn’t it?


Sometimes the Grauniad has a decent and interesting read. This is one of those times.

Moving a City


Even the French police know that Macron is fucked:


Historically the French police have always shown sympathy with strikers, whether it be farmers, lorry drivers whoever. They turn a blind eye because they know they could be next in line. Divide and rule doesn’t work in France, the workers stick together. A pity this country doesn’t take a leaf out of their book, if they did Thatcher would have been toast long before she was finally ousted.


Those twitter quotes, well I have told you.


Baz will be well pleased, we have drawn derby away in the FA cup so we can all have a top night out afterwards :lou_smiley:


Shall I book a minibus for the London based Sotonians

Lol :joy:


I’m up for it as long as the minibus carries a defibrilator. I can’t take too much after-match excitement at my age. :lou_lol:


Don’t worry most of us will be ready to put our feet up by about 9:30.

Let Baz and the young uns party until closing time…


Just linking to RT as I know it annoys Barry :wink:


Must be fake news
It’s in the Guardian as well