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Oh. This is not good.
Rise of the far right around the world thread?

Another one who wants relaxed gun control so people are safer. Less bloody guns would make people safer. Less poverty would make people safer.


Could Brazil have any more guns? Its a place I’d hesitate to go just from some of the random violence stories you hear.


I am just surprised that people are surprised by the March of the right.
Neo liberalism and centrist career politicians have given the world austerity. Then along comes someone offering something different.
It won’t stop until politicians worry about the people, not the 1%
Start by locking up some Bankers would be a help


Sorry, cant agree with the ‘neo-liberalism and centrist career politicians’ nonsense. If anything its a general conservatism with too close ties to industry and financial sectors that let global banking get our of control as they chased non-tangible profits. The inevitable crash, left a huge mark and as always the most vulnerable et screwed by years of austerity… followed by a lurch to the right… its not anew thing, happened before in the 1930s as post economic collapse, more authoritarian and ‘anti-establishment’ (self proclaimed) parties gain popularity…


I spent 10 months in South America and finished with a weekend in Rio. I went to a favela but it was a guided group. We saw people with guns and radios who were part of gangs out there. The rest of the time I was walking around somwhat more tourist areas and felt ok. One eveningbi haded out with a brazilain and mexican to Lapa and got a bus. My Brazilian friend was shocked I did that as it’s unsafe.
Some places are worse than others. Felt more at risk in Lima.


I’ve not been to the US for a long long time and only to New Jersey/New York.

But think that they may have been able to find a photo op in their own backyard and not our.


At least 12 dead in a shooting at a country & western event in a bar in California. Scores reportedly injured. Surely there must have been a good cowboy with a gun there who could have prevented it!



When they said Dinnage I thought they meant Fred “the Skate” Dinnage :lou_facepalm_2:


How pathetic, not the referee who should be praised for using his imagination, but the referee’s body for banning him.


I know they say there’s no money in women’s football but this is ridiculous.



Grand Slam of Farts. That should have been the headline, fucking amateurs.


With the French riot police using tear gas against their own people for merely demonstrating against tax increases, should we be funding and assisting these French rebels and pushing for regime change across the Channel?


Fuck me there are a lot of homeless in London.


The streets are paved with gold see…


Nice to see Bellingcat sponsors with their finger on the zeitgeist pulse:


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which one?