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Ooh, haven’t tried those.

Highly recommended?


Gotta try these too.


It’s illegal for kids to smoke. It’s not illegal for them to eat crisps.


So ah…what age did YOU start smoking? :lou_wink_2:






Years. I was a vocal non-smoker because it kills people.

26 years on planet Earth was enough for me to say “fuck it”.


You smoked before then surely. I remember taking some cigarettes off you in our late teens. Citing the whole killing you thing.


Haha. Bang to rights then Pap.


Perhaps socially when pissed.

Never sober. Started all that in 2001. If you ever got any ciggies off me back in the day, they were from Stampy.


You were pissed all the time?!?!


He shoots, he scores!!!


He is living my life. About ten years behind let him be


I started smoking in my 2nd year at Uni, it started off with a single, innocuous joint and went on from there.

Stopped 17 years ago so I guess I only smoked for 12 years in total.


Not good news esp on his b’day


Can explain this quite easily,

Is this pro rata?



Please do explain.


I think he’s suggesting Hoddle has been repaid for his comments that disabled people are paying for sins from a previous existance.

Baz is illustrating a crass and insensitive comment on a crass and insensitive comment. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Gotcha. I really should know by now…