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Dear God what has society become?


Money grabbing,self centred, low life are just a few descriptions that spring to mind

I may add some more after the watershed.


OK, I’m confused, the way I read it is that they want Private Sector investment to generate jobs for the “displaced communities” so they start earning their own money and start contributing to the local economy.

Maybe I’m missing something :man_shrugging:


Surely better to do that back home? - for the economic migrants of course.


If you’re not an asset, you’re worthless and there’s a lot of potential slave labour there.
@BTripz they have built their own internal economy out of necessity and now some people want to be in control of that, because they see an opportunity.
No profit making big business is going to help these people. Outside interference put them in this situation for profit, so handing them over to foreign profit making entities, is probably a bad idea.
We could just stop causing the problems in the first place, but that’s not so profitable.


This is news posted it on smiled thread live earlier.
Afghan Super League match in Sharman tonight.


I read it as soon the aid groups and charities would be giving out hard cash and they could take that off the displaced people as well.

or am I missing something?


Immigrant Benefit Scrounger Gets Pregnant.


As good a place as any


This man deserves a Sotonians badge for services to I-don’t-appear-to-give-a-shit-about-the-royals.

@Goatboy make it so please



LOL. This should happen every time Team America attempts to impose its will:


Kleenex have announced that they will be scrapping ‘Mansize’ branding from their tissue boxes after 60 years because of lobbyists claiming that it is sexist. Am i the only one who finds this absolutely ridiculous? Does this make me a sexist male chauvinist pig? Who are these lobbyists i wonder, and how sad must their lives be.


So have the PC mob asked Mothercare to change their name yet?


Interestingly on the BBC it says:

“…The Advertising Standards Authority - which regulates adverts in the UK - told the BBC it had not received any complaints about the product, but it was carrying out “a significant amount of work around gender stereotypes in ads”.

Plans include setting new standards on adverts that feature stereotypical gender roles or characteristics, and cracking down on those which mock people for not conforming to stereotypes…”

Political correctness gone absofuckingloutely mental.

Tbf tissues aimed at “ladies” should be banned as I’m sure they’re just as sexist aren’t they?


I’ve had enough of this shit now. It’s frankly mental (apologies, I mean “Womental”).


The PC lobbyists clearly don’t understand what us men used them for anyway. Perhaps they could be re branded ‘Kleenex Whackoffs’.


This isn’t in the news, but I really hate the larger packets of crisps that are entitled “grab bags”. I can take or leave crisps. I normally leave them because their nutritional content is only really suitable for people seeking to become very fat bastards. If the missus secretes a packet in my lunch, I generally donate it to a crisp lover.

That’s not what bothers me.

It’s the word “grab” and the word “bag”.

I don’t know - maybe crisp connoisseurs use sophisticated means of releasing their crispy foodstuffs, such as attaching helium balloons to the artery blockers before directing them to a nearby till with a battery powered fan.

Maybe they sell crisps in other things than bags, such as boxes, caskets or iron maidens.

For me, they’ve always been sold in bags. I have always grabbed those bags before consumption.

The only level on which it works as something new is as a kind of imperative aimed at the caveman demographic.

“Grab bag” might be an order, but I don’t like that interpretation much either.

That said, I would be very interested to hear if the inside of these oversized cardiac assassins bore another command, “Eat crisps”.

It would confirm my only working theory :smiley:


I want to know why they only put enough crisps in every size of bag to only fill a quarter of the bag when you look in after initially opening the package.
I have to eat at least two bags at a sitting to think that I have had my fill.
and you cant get Marmite or Bovril flavour in the Philippines.:lou_angry:


All this rant about the non-health benefits of crisps and yet you smoke



Just had a grab bag of the new hot chicken wings crisps - bloody marvelous stuff


I like the Jalapeno Cheese ones


Unfortunately my IBS like symptoms don’t