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Has everyone noticed Pottechino’s new hairstyle? He’s looking mighty fine. I never saw the attraction before, but suddenly he’s full on dreamboat.


You should be asking if anyone has noticed, not if everyone has noticed.

I’ve been busy PM’ing everyone to try to collate a single answer.

Try to make yourself less unarticulate.


Well…what have you found out?


I can’t tell you until everyone replies.

They haven’t yet.

That’s my point.


Well hurry up and stop being shit.


I had not noticed if that helps, but had I would still find him unattractive as I am only interested in inner beauty and inside I suspect he is still a twat


He’s not waiting for anyone to reply @Map-Of-Tasmania, he’s waiting for everyone. Your answer is pointless and will be ignored by @Fatso but assimilated by me into the answers of everyone once everyone replies.


The good news is that everyone got fed up with @saintbletch being a bellend that they have replied to me directly. I’d like to thank everyone for that.

87% of people have seen the new haircut and 93% of these like his new style


87% of people isn’t everyone.

So the answer to your original question is ‘no’.


Has everyone noticed that @saintbletch is a massive bellend?


100% of forum members have replied saying they had noticed. Thanks for the feedback everyone.


I know this to be a lie as i did not respond to the Question that Bletch is a massive bellend so your stats are fake news. I suspect only 99% of forum members believe he is a bellend as although I do, for it to be 100%, Bletch would have to consider himself a massive bellend as well, he also being a forum member.


Bletch strikes me as the self deprecating type who might easily consider himself a bellend.


Where do they want sites? On the periphery of a large City? Don’t we all, many of my friends are settled travellers and are dismayed at it all, the resistance of assimilation has held them back, if they want sites why can’t they pay for them?
Thats sound fair, I want a caravan park for 2 months of the year and yet the Government has to pay for it?
Lets see how much of a tax contribution they’ve made and we’ll go from there.


I haven’t replied.


Dont you read every post in detail? :face_with_monocle:


@Fatso - we need a poll


I’ll have you know that I’m an easy bellend that considers himself a self-deprecating type.


Could be 100% then…


Not a massive bell-end…I’ve been told @saintbletch has a very small bell-end.