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I can vouch for that. Well, the easy bit of it, anyway. Oh, and the bellend part too.


This true @Goatboy ?


Goats ‘drawn to happy human faces’

Scientists find that goats are drawn to humans with happy faecal expressions.

Modified for you @Intiniki


I don’t think this was particularly humane treatment.


I have sympathy on both sides of this.

The real difficulty I have is only the bloody mindedness of the individual - which seemed intentional- I may be wrong obvs.

The person seemed to be courting the police intervention.

TBF I hadn’t heard the story before and the only “facts” I’ve seen are what the Grauniad reported.


We won’t probably know the full details really.


That’s the problem with the media today I guess



No, you shouldn’t have any sympathy for the officer. He done it purely to embarrass her, with a very unhealthy dose of power thrown in.
She was non violent and obviously mentally stable(I’m disturbed about why she was arrested. Handing a legal advice card?).
This judgment gives free reign to use this invasive measure purely as a tool of power.

“Cohen concluded that, as Howard was unaware whether Duff may have had anything that she would not be allowed to have in custody, his actions were those of a responsible officer.”

No police believe anything said by someone just arrested, so if the usual search isn’t enough for her, it’s not enough for anyone.
Where do you think it’s all heading?



Pretty depressing. Not the first time its been vandalised. What happened to empathy?


Depressing as it is, have a little smile about their obvious lack of historical knowledge, concerning who the real invaders have always been.


Looking forward to see how this news will be explained away by the usual suspects.


This really is something I come across in my work. Several of the girls I’ve worked with I’ve thought they were on the spectrum. It takes a while to get them diagnosed as they can be good at copying others when young to fit in. Secondary school seems to be a trigger point.




As someone once said, ‘you may well think that, i couldn’t possibly comment’. :lou_smiley:


Poor lion.

Guessing that the councillor may have had someone else write that bit of info. I think I can guess who.



This guy came and spoke to us on Gangs Training. He was so let down by his parents, society and systems.

On channel 4 news tonight and the need for preventative work.


I got a bus yesterday that was on divert. No explantion given but now I know.
This is just down the road from us. About a 10 min walk. Within the last year there was a fatal stabbing of a 40 year old on the same road.

There was a recent report about the gangs in this area saying it’s less about rival gangs as together they can make more money.