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Gerard Love is leaving Teenage Fanclub on November 15th. I shall seem them a few days before, but it is upsetting news.


I heard that he’s leaving in protest against their plans to charge £30 for a ticket.



Keep your shit, stupid jokes for the Brexit thread. This is serious and I wouldn’t expect a :cockwomble: like you to understand. THE Teenage Fanclub charged £22.50 a ticket (which ended up as £24 with the ridiculous fees) which is more than reasonable to see one of the best bands of the past 30 years.


Interesting concept. But calm down mate, perhaps you need an alcoholiday? I don’t like it when you’re angry with me. I don’t think you even consider what you do to me.

Let’s be mates again? Come on, we’re both just trying to live Sparky’s Dream .


How fucking dare you.


@saintbletch go sort it out will you?



Excuse my ignorance here, but if I parked illegally I would have my car clamped or towed.
So just WHY does this not happen to travellers in these specific locations ie a car park with clearly posted rules


It would probably be culturally inappropriate?

Something to do with the rights of “travellers”, like only doing dodgy jobs for cash and not paying tax…



These are our people* (prolly). We should support them.

* Bletch dining out on his Irish heritage**
** Bletch using asterisks, correctly, with gay abandon to rub @Cobham-Saint’s nose in it.




So, it’s more like a family reunion then?

Couldn’t they have parked down your street?


Oi! As @saintbletch said “our people” you English oppressor!


To be sure.


‘tis t’ be sure, surely, bejeezus, begorragh etc @saintbletch *

*being culturally appropriate @Goatboy


…and escaping the asterisk!



Recently went on some awareness training aon Gypsy and Irish Traveller communities and also been doing research on Roma. Still a lot of prejudice about these communities and it’s sort of considered the last acceptable racism/ harassment.
So between 70-80% of traveller people live in “bricks and mortar”. Many do leave school early to work. They have worse life expectancy and poor mental health (especially the men). Apparently a lot of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was not particularly true but chuck some money at things and maybe people will act up a bit of the cameras.
So yeah it’s inconvenient for people wanting to park but if we continue not to provide suitable sites for them they’ll try their luck.


I thought there was more than adequate provision for sites (including land owned by such travellers - which seems a bit at odds with a self professed travelling lifestyle don’t you think?) - probably just not where they want to be maybe?

Irish travellers turn up in my area maybe twice or three times a year and invariably knock on the door to ask to pressure wash my drive or do some tree work.

Normally they are very persistent and intimidating (according to the olds across the street). Which I can handle, but I’m sure many can’t. Is this not also harassment @Intiniki ?

In the last couple of years they have camped in my local station car park, local supermarket car park and the grounds of a local office and also a local pub - Each time inconveniencing the locals & leaving a massive pile of rubbish and building waste. Imposing more cost on our cash strapped council to clear the mess - including human waste (I’ve seen and smelt it). Is that considerate? Does that make local people want to be more tolerant or understanding about their behaviour? Can you make excuses for that - or is it everyone else’s fault for not caring about them ? Is it really harassment and / or racism to object to this? Why do people who are adversely affected by their behaviour not have a say or get pilloried as Daily Fail readers by Grauniad readers?

At the end of the day I believe in treating everyone in an equitable manner - if everyone is willing to have consideration for their fellow man (or woman or gender of choice).

BTW as a final note : when we were researching our family tree it seems there was some cacker lineage, with a great, great great relative born in the 1800’s not 3 miles away from where I’m typing this. Apparently they had an annual route round Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset. Weird huh?


They sound worse than the Jews. Maybe Labour needs to change target?


This really is not news and not surprising.