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I’ll wait until Word Bore General @Fowllyd has reviewed that definition \ spelling.

If you’ve edited that spelling, he’ll throw you in word-gaol.


That’s where the bonfire of red tape leads to.

Before 2010, it was actually rather difficult for your layman to procure corrosive acids. Perhaps coincidentally, acid attacks were not, to my knowledge, a thing prior to 2010.


The boys dad has appeared in court along with 4 other cunts. What an awful world we live in. Pass the powdered eggs


Does look like an increase in past few years.

I was interested to read that the child and mother were police protected. Also read she had been in a safe place. Its a lot easier to track people these days.


You can get locked up for possessing this now, but back in the 1990s, all the kids used to swap the Anarchist’s Cookbook on floppy disc. Mostly a collection of phreaking tips, that is to say, making phone calls without paying for them, but it also had recipes of how to make explosives, gases and whatnot.

I am sure that Blowy McBlowup Jr, of Bombsville, Stateside could have walked into any old store and got himself a cache of sulphuric acid, sodium or magnesium, but you couldn’t just walk up and buy things like highly corrosive acids in the UK, because it was regulated.

That was probably a good thing.




Probably not the place, but this passege struck me as odd

The Mirror have reported that the blood moon prophecy supposedly reveals hidden messages in the Christian Bible about the end times approaching…”

Then I realised that the referred to the “Christian Bible”. When did “they” start adding the “Christian” prefix.

Must admit to not being a bible-basher, but that slipped past me.


After what seemed like endless days of sunshine, it rained yesterday. It then stayed cloudy all evening. So I didn’t get to see the blood moon, at which I was most disappointed. I’d been rather looking forward to sitting outside with a glass of wine, watching a red moon rise. Arse.


Well, the Old Testament forms the basis of the three great Abrahamic religions, so the Bible is by no means exclusively Christian. The New Testament is, of course, so I guess that a reference to the Christian Bible denotes the New Testament. Stuff about the end times etc. are mostly found in the Book of Revelations I believe, so that would fit.


Just back from work meeting and shopping in Krakow on a lovely sunny afternoon, just parked myself in my chair on the balcony when I heard sirens going off in every village around here. At that moment, this post popped up on my FB Timeline so some local news and probably an unknown fact for most of us


So yesterday I saw a tweet about the Bookmark Book Shop (TUC bookshop) having some idiots go in, shout some stuff and cause a bit of damage. Some people questioned whether is really happened.
It did. They have handily recorded their exploits. I am not sure if we need a “rise of the far right in the UK thread” (we have one about Germany).
It’s about 12 minutes if you can stomach it. Some of them seem to be confused about books really.


Thanks @Intiniki wasn’t aware of that.

Make you proud to be British doesn’t it?

Suspect the EU will be pleased to wash their hands of that human garbage. They have their own tbf but come Brexit it’ll be one less to worry about.


I’m not a violent man, but had I been the lad in the shop I might have struggled not to remove the gentleman doing the filming’s head.

I’m all for the rights of people to protest - even twats, but the concern I would have is whether all of the people in that group have a grasp over what they were actually protesting over.

Filming guy spent the time picking up a book and shouting nouns from the title over and over again.

He’s clearly being led by others in the group and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day one of the others hands him a pipe bomb and he happily deploys it.


I was also concerned about the make up of the group and wondered if some were being pushed/lead. Guys in suits and then some with placards and hats etc. Just seemed a bit of an odd mix. I’d have called the police too.



related to that article was a bit about another Brit that got arrested for raising his middle finger to another driver whilst on the road.
Many moons ago When I was Dubai Saint I was driving from Sharjah to Dubai at 06:30 in the morning rush hour traffic all three lanes full car behind starts flashing lights. I can go nowhere. eventually a gap opens and the car undertakes me. As he goes past I Raise my middle finger. He promptly reaches over to the passenger seat and puts his police cap on and waves at me to follow him. Which I promptly do. we arrive at Bur Dubai Police station where he tells his story and I tell mine he gets laughed out of the station. Outside he tells me to follow him to another police station (where he has friends) I then get to sit in the station for 4 hours before they slap my wrist and tell me not to do it again.




What a complete dick

Monaco noble sues France for millions over royal ‘trick’ - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45173493


Thought exactly the same when I read it.


This isn’t the latest news - I just saw it on John Olivers show. From last week … must have passed me by. Canada having words with the Saudis about human rights, Saudis cease trade and get angry, Canada repeat human rights stuff, this gets tweeted…