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That’s gotta hurt…

Elon Musk has shown up with his mini-submarine and left it at the site, but the rescue chief has said it’s not of any use.


Yeah but it’s publicity…can’t knock it. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


11 kids reported out now an amazing stoey


They should get the 12th kid out and then tell the coach that it’s started monsooning and he’s got to stay in the for another 4 months.

4 months later…




:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: well done everyone involved


Bet that sign says “now, keep the fuck out”


Love a good air display me


The RAF actually still has dozens of aircraft?
Bloody hell


That was probably it though


Don’t know if it’s related but a load of spitfires have been taking off and landing from Eastleigh airport all day.


Probably a challenge to confront Russian bombers advancing over The North Sea.

Looks like it’s all kicking off…


We’re doomed!


What sort of vile, sick, deranged people does it take to do this sort of thing!! A 3 year old kid FFS


I having a feeling that they are going to get a rough time in the nick. The old lags will no doubt make their feelings known.


What a horrible woman. I hate people who are famous because of Instagram and such like. Come the revolution they’ll be for the chop.


Good grief, it’s like she’s living in a repressive mediaeval society or something.

…oh, wait.





Autocorrect/spiel chicken


Although big fella a quick check on t’interweb came up with




adjective: mediaeval

  1. relating to the Middle Ages.

“a medieval castle”

Just saying