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You lot complaining about having mid winter temperatures here


Im golfing tomorrow
45C forecast 60% humidity.
Bite me wimps


Having re-read the article the weather can go as high as 29 degrees, any higher and potatoes start exploding underground. I will change my statement to ‘this 30+ degree weather can fuck off before it’s too late’.


are crisps and chips a luxury item in Dubai?


Everything is a luxury product price wise here.
Oh. We used to grow veggies on our old villa. Potatoes tomato cherries cabbage. They were fine until about June so coped with temps in the high 30 low 40s. This time of year the sun itself now burns anything
So we keep our water lollies like this

We had a Yuka plant reached 4m high in the shade. 1 month direct sun - gone after 24 years


I tried growing water melons in Ajman once they grew to the size of oranges and no bigger but they rippened off and tasted lovely a whole water melon each :grinning:


To be fair our veggies were tasty. But the labour involved and the water they used meant it was heroically expensive. But the fact it was a “hobby” was the key!
Since moving further inland (JVC up near Sports City) have noticed the climate change. Down in Al Wasl we were 2km from the beach so the humidity came in in the evenings when the sea breeze kicked up. Out here in the sticks it is just a furnace and sheer hell.

Not just UK suffering from the heat:-

And yet over in Poland this last week they had snow in Zakopane near Krakow, day time 11C and night time temps of 5C. Watching Mrs D_P jabbering with her pals who are all wearing winter clothes is hilarious


I’m now having some doubts about the wisdom of golfing today.
Yes it is free, but…


Fvck me that was hot. Actually burnt my hand on a door handle for the loo. Had to put a left handed glove on as the clubs became too hot to hold.
But proud of myself, got round (1st game for 2 months) only lost 1 ball, on newly sanded greens. Thermal Management went well. We had a cool box with Ice and cold towels. Drank about 4.5 litres of water and an Isotonic.
And I don’t feel wrecked. The #roadtotherydercup fitness regime must be working.
Will I do that again? Hell yes, 1) It is free golf. 2) It is the Trump International so he was paying for the chaps to come round to give us free ice lollies every 3 holes, free iced water and iced towels. So yeah I cost HIM money go me!


A ligger with a conscience :kiss:


I’ve long said Mr Dyer is a national treasure.


Brilliant News

They’ve got 6 of those kids out of that cave in Thailand!


Latest LBGT news!
A small lesbian group (5 foot 1 and under) protested about Trans rights

I don’t understand what they’re saying in the last paragraph. I’ve read it about 5 times but my brain isn’t computing.


This one?

"The GBT community today, by supporting the rights of males who “identify as lesbians” (also called “transwomen”) over the rights of lesbians to choose their sexual partners (on the basis of their sex, not how they “identify”) is in fact enforcing heterosexuality on lesbians.

“This is a misogynistic and anti-lesbian manifestation of the rape culture we live in.”

I’ll try to set it out the way I understand it.

Some lesbians are feeling put out.

This is because some people are supporting the rights of males who "identify as lesbians (aka transwomen) over the rights of lesbians.

The issue under debate is each party’s right to choose their sexual partners on the basis of their sex, not how they “identify”.

Practically, this would mean that if transwomen (biologically men) are recognised as lesbian, then lesbians that are biologically women might be expected to form relationships with such a male lesbian transwoman.

Such a relationship would effectively be a female-male relationship. Meaning accepting a heterosexual relationship would be being forced on lesbians.

“This is a misogynistic and anti-lesbian manifestation of the rape culture we live in.”

This I do not understand.

What a fucking complicated world we’re living in.

I guess I should take some solace from the fact that if it’s complicated for me, it must be horribly more complex to be in the middle of such an identity crisis.


But no one is saying that they HAVE to have relations with them, are they?

So some lesbians are saying that trans are unnatural, is that right? Are these people fucking idiots?

I suppose they’d have a point if I started identifying as a lesbian and my new human rights meant they all had to suck my woman Willy. The world’s gone mad!


Yeah, I think it’s a highly principled and academic argument which means they’re struggling to see the wood for the trees (or the wood for the bush, if you will).

Would such a relationship ever be forced upon them?


Does the fact that identifying as lesbian, (a term with a long history of hard-fought battles over the social acceptance of something quite natural) is now apparently open to biological males piss them off?


Can I understand that.

Yes, but it’s surely so academic that as you say it’s never likely to happen unless a specific female lesbian wants to have sex with a biological male identifying as lesbian.


Fair fucking play. That would be a shit of a dive with out having several young non swimming kids to tag along.


Just so we are clear. I am talking about the Thai kids in a cave, not the lgbt (can I say gays) lot in london


Your post seems an appropriate response to both cases, particularly if “non swimming” is a euphemism


7 now out!
1 at the rest station in the cave

4 plus coach left to get out - I pray that is tomorrow