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Meat and two veg?


2 meat balls and 1 vag


Past their best before date?



So the right half of Antondec has been found guilty drink driving, fined £86k and banned from driving for 20 months. Feck me, if they did that to everyone they would cut drink driving to zero!


£86k is nothing to him, and he is chauffered everywhere no doubt.

And, serious question, how many people who are banned from driving actually don’t drive during their ban?


Maybe not, but still a lot of money. In answer to your question, I really dont know. Not wise though because you get hammered if caught.


This probably isn’t news to many of you, but it shocked me.



News just coming in that the FA are in talks to sell Wembley Stadium to Fulham owner Shahid Khan. He is an American citizen from Pakistani heritage. He made his billions by developing a one piece car bumper that became standard in the US. He also owns an American Football team. FFS, is nothing sacred?


Indeed. I always preferred the bumpers thast came in different sections.




The biggest news of the day?

Bigger than a Korean hug?

Abba are recording new Songs!

The return of Abba


Blimey. We climbed this volcano when we were in Guatamala a few years ago.


This is REALLY good news. It didn’t seem possible, Not in good enough condition to be moved yet and medical teams will treat them in situ first


I really hope they can be rescued quickly as more rain is forecast.


Danny Dyer is thieving my lines, the fackin’ slag… :smiley:

Actually, carry on Danny. More people listen to you than me.


Time for the hot weather to fuck right off before it’s too late.


I do love a good crisp but I’d trade them for nice weather all day.


Yep it’s time to embrace Trump’s championing of fossil fuels. :lou_sunglasses:


This will be like Deja vu for all of our Irish friends
make them feel at home,