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Eh? It was definitely on BBC News last night.


To be fair there was a 1 minute 23 second clip tucked away on the BBC UK news page.

There was also a 6 minute+ clip on transgender toilets.



Has Katie Hopkins hacked your account?


Was hoping for a comment from someone in the industry on the (for example) BBC’s lack of coverage but ho hum.

Incidentally, there was more in the news about Hopkins taking Ket in South Africa (bloody foreigners abusing health systems abroad!) than there was about the NHS demo.

NB the ket is apparently treatment for her epilepsy but obviously that shouldn’t stand in the way of a good headline.


Pie on Trump and the NHS march. Lots of name calling and swearing, so great fun.

Brings up your comments about the lack of media coverage @goatboy

This one is worth watching for about 30 seconds, from 6:10.


Wow, Leicester council are proper arseholes.


DPD running them close in the scumbag race …


No worries, you’re not a fan of BBC News coverage :laughing:

I have my doubts if KH even believes the the bile she spouts tbh, There’s a lucrative hard right gravy train which she’s well aware of. She’s been itching to get on the Fox network for some time. After being sacked from LBC and Mail she signed up with Rebel Media for a radio show. Sadly there’s a big audience for this content.


That is desperately sad.

A further reflection on DPD is their hiring criteria.

We had a driver deliberately try to say he tried to deliver a parcel to my house but nobody was at home - I was and was tracking their driver via their tracking app. We were down as next delivery so I was in front garden to take parcel - having taken day off take delivery of the Xbox a younger Teenage Mutant had spent a year saving for. The driver, let’s call him Mandeep, drove straight past even though I tried to flag him down…

When I managed to get through to customer services I was told he had left the parcel at a different house - in an adjacent road. On checking with the owner he hadn’t.

After telling customer services funnily enough the Xbox turned up the next day having clearly been opened and badly resealed…

DPD denied all responsibility, Mandeep is our name for delivery drivers who don’t turn up when they say they will - I still get angry when I think Teenage Mutant may have lost something he put his heart and soul into saving for but DPD didn’t give a toss.


The whole “gig economy” is shameful. Its a race to the bottom.


OK, this is actually pretty big news, and I guess that The Echo may even pick this one up.

FINALLY, after the disaster of the Lehman Crash of 2008 which derailed the global economy, not just “projects” here, the Grand Od Lady is set to reopen.

She had been a sad sight sitting down in “Old Dubai” in Port Rashid, alongside the massive daily arrivals of modern cruise ships, but they did announce a year or so back that the project to restore her to some diginity had begun, and on a recent trip to that part of town we could see that she had been given at least a good wash (and was no longer a sandy colour) and saw people clearly working on her.

So, today’s big news is that the QE 2 is finally due to reopen as a combined Museum and Hotel.

I’m sure a more major announcement will follow but here is what we have so far.

Since arriving at the docks of Port Rashid in 2008, the world-famous cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II or QE2 as she is more commonly known, is set to open as a hotel and museum sometime in the first half of 2018.

Although nothing has been confirmed officially, the QE2 has been resting and undergoing a quiet refurbishment over the past few years, and now almost a decade later, guests will be able to visit and stay at this classic luxury vessel. There have been signs placed outside the cruise liner showing directions towards the main entrance of the hotel and a website www.qe2.com has been set up, which describes a ‘royal experience’ at Dubai’s grandest ship.

Serving as both a luxury cruise ship and transatlantic liner, the QE2 was built in 1969 and has been described as ‘the greatest ship in the world’. Historically in her prime she was grand, travelled more than six million miles, and was adored by visitors who spent memorable times on the ship.

We can see her reopening as a huge excitement for Maritime experts and travelers from across the ages and can’t wait for the official opening!


Oh and congratulations to Lincoln City on getting to Wembley for the 1st time in their history last night.

Beating Chelsea in the Checkatrade Trophy on penalties.

Huge day out for them and also keeps the spirit of the competition alive.


Couldn’t do this now but back before 9/11 you could go anywhere in the docks if you were wearing a hi-vis tabbard…my old '59 Beetle…


This made me chuckle a little. I once worked at a Masons meeting. A lot of odd shaped briefcases and pretty aprons. They did have a stall outside the building to advertise their lodge. So didn’t seem as secret as they once were.


Any idea how you can join - seem to have missed that bit out…


Just park outside Chertsey’s house and hang around for a bit.


I think Sotonians should have a funny handshake.

You know like you’ve just shaken hands with someone who has dog shit on it or something. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The number of members we have I think we are a secret society :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Like the illuminati only dimmer?


Like the cognacenti is a secret society of motor mechanics?