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Not sure where to put this so I’ve plumped for this ‘general waste’ thread.


Like Goat, not sure where to dump this

I don’t condone the actions of individuals but I’m having difficulties understanding why Oxfam are being hauled over the coals - although appreciate they have a duty to ensure staff act ethically.

When I see these sort of stories I automatically think about what’s really going on here in the background, especially when the government wades in.


Yeah I was thinking the same. I support Oxfam when I can, often dump stuff in their Romsey shop. It’s like saying you’ll not be supporting democracy because of corrupt politicians.



Next up on the BBC, man shouts at cloud


Actually I’ve been shouting at clouds all winter. They have dumped so much water on our twice daily doggie walks the dog needs his paws washed after every excursion. He could die!..eventually. :lou_angry:


The whole furore about Oxfam is just another diversion by the Government to avert eyes away from their disastrous policies which are dragging this country into the mire. Ooh look over there - a squirrel! They are just responding to the dog whistling from the Mail and Express in their campaigns to stop overseas aid. The idea that Priti Patel, the honourable member for Tel Aviv, Penny Mordaunt, the member for Jerusalem, indeed any of the right wing rabble currently in Government care two hoots about exploited women in the third world is risible.

While in no way defending the behaviour of the few rogue Oxfam workers, if the Government are threatening to withold funding from Oxfam because a few aid workers used prostitutes, can we assume that this principle will be applied consistently across the board to all recipients of public money? There will be some huge savings to be made in the MOD budget if we hold the army and navy to the same standards. Of course the Government’s "moral concern"is politically selective in it’s targets. I am willing to bet that more MPs use prostitutes than do aid workers. Do we withold public funding for them? And listening to Ministers criticising Oxfam while at the same time supporting wholesale slaughter in Yemen, for example, makes me want to puke.


_’_ve always told the mrs it was ok for the kids and grandkids to go outside and eat the dirt

“Stop cleaning them its ok” is still a well used phrase.

Let them eat dirt


Us oldies have been saying this for years. We are a generation whose only medication growing up was Detol on a pad of cotton wool when you fell over and grazed your knee and Vic ointment on your chest for a cold. Didn’t know a single kid with an allegy when I was at school.


I’m sure my mum used detol because she knew it would cause us to scream in agony and she could say “it will do you good” :lou_lol:


We were tough…after football I used to sit in the bath and scrub my grazed knees with a scrubbing brush…fuckin’ hurt but necessary.



Couldn’t decide whether to put this in the Syria thread or the Yemen thread or the Qatar thread or start a Saudi thread, so I’ll pop it here instead:


Post it in all 3 and start a new thread, it applies to all.

The visit heralds an interesting change in power politics - arguably it heralds the era where post Brexit we will now have to assume the position and take it up the arse compared to when we had any influence in the world and made Johnny Foreigner do the same. I sense the wheel turning.


Pep Guardiola gets a £20,000 fine after admitting the charge of wearing a yellow ribbon, ostensibly in support of the incarcerated Catalonian politicians and their human rights.

I might have more sympathy for him if he wasn’t being a tad hypocritical. Remind me who owns Man City? Oh yes, an autocratic Middle Eastern regime who locks people up without trial.


Clarkson to host Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

An easy act to precede, as Chris Tarrant is probably gleefully noting.


So just before the Floridian legislature pass laws to allow firearms in schools, this happened in the neighbourin* state


And in Florida it would seem

Crazy fuckwits


NRA…sick crazy fuckwits. :lou_facepalm_2:


Katy Perry kills nun!



Sister Catherine Rose spoke to Fox11 LA hours before her collapse in what may have been her final interview.

She issued a direct plea to the singer, saying: “To Katy Perry, please stop. It’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people.”