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As we got off our plane today my partner showed me a news article about an incident in London today. When we got in a few hours later it was rolling news. I commented to him that I thought this may be a bit ott as it could have been a traffic accident. I understand that the use of vehicles has been used recently but we need to be a little less quick to have rolling news and panic. Or is it just me thinking that? So it seems it wasn’t the terrorist incident that many people thought.


It didn’t stop village idiot Tommy Robinson rushing down there to peddle hate to the hard of thinking.

Luckily the museum was still full of dinosaurs so he and Katie Hopkins were not needed.


The people in the house opposite have no blind in their bathroom and are constantly in there. It’s almost like they want me to masturbate over the blurred images of their naked bodies, like Japanese porn.


Buy a decent telescope


Loving Saudi on FB is kind of keeping count 2 women died at the weekend they were being taught by

Their husbands…


This story may have slipped under the radar in UK (no idea)

But it reads like some Hollywood “Spy” Thriller.

Blogger gets blown up by a Car Bomb


Clearly a lot more going on there than trips to the Blue Grotto


It’s definiately not under the radar. One news show interviewed the deputy prime minister (or something similar) of Malta last night. She was investigating quite a lot of dodgy people.


Brighthouse have to pay back a lot of cuatomers. Apparently some lending agreements were not affordable.


So she wrote an article that was published in the US bringing attention to a fuel smuggling racket from Libya via Malta and into Europe, and possible links to people smuggling. A former Maltese International Footballer has been arrested by Italian Police.

So you have “war-lords” in the mess that is Libya and the Mafia in Sicily and go and write a story about it. Nope nothing coud go wrong with that as a career path choice…



Obviously from here we have seen that steps are being taken within our neighbour. We are aware of the general plan (so different from you lot - having a plan for the future eh)

But this is a very interesting interview. It asks many questions, and I am sure some on here will have really hilarious quips to come back with.

But the 30 years thing IS interesting and contextual and could benefit some discussion that I won’t join or start a thread on



I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: MH370: Private company signs deal to resume missing plane search -

Nobody is going to risk their own cash unless they have a good probability of a good return.

MOD EDIT: Changed Phil’s world-breaking link. How the fuck is he doing this? :lou_sunglasses:


Thanks Phil. You’ve reminded me that we need an error page.



It’s a shame they didn’t think about that when he started buying up newspapers and radio stations


OMG what have the Saudis done now

Turkish will be having fits, @lord-duckhunter will be screaming in disgust…



Interesting and sad “Human Trafficking”/“Cannabis Farming” story

Yeah, I know you lot just want to kick out every immigrant no matter what. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


A huge march in London today protesting against cuts to the NHS and yet it doesn’t make the news???



But a story about homophobic and and anti-abortionist tory toff Rees-Mogg makes the news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-42926535


Our media is in a right fucking state when 60000 people protesting in the capital is not deemed newsworthy.