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:soccer: The January transfer window thread



Not seen this guy but dont think we need another holding midfielder with very limited goal threat.


Agent bait


The man is delusional and if he can’t see Defoe bringing something to the table even at his ripe old age he might as well watch rugby, Defoe has always been absolute quality, he has also been an amazing professional and think what other players could learn?
He’d rather gamble on Lookman for huge money and for what?


Unless Lemina is out the door not needed.


Well, many fans are saying that Romeu is no longer the answer/want Wanyama back, so not totally stupid.
Just don’t see us spending 30mil on that position





My thoughts too.


This is possible, but how much will we get for Lemina? It’s not going to be anywhere near what Mendes will cost us.
Might as well by a 36 year old who’s leg are gone :wink:


Charlie Adam might be available, I gather.


Found these on a rumours site.
Mendes, Danny Drinkwater, Thomas Goiginger, Shoya Nakajima, Lookman and some dude called Toloi. Also an enquiry has been made for Dzeko and to make Ings permanent now.
All with a grain of salt of course


So that dude is Rafael Toloi, Brazilian playing for Atalanta. Red card on the weekend. Central defender. Born in 1990


Can’t we just bring MLT back into the team. He never liked running and is one of the few people that could be devastatingly effective without needing too.
If we get really desperate for old and slow, there’s always Ted’s statue out the front.
On a serious note, does anyone believe that Ralph would look at a 36 year old forward to fit into his style of play?
I’m looking forward to the club singing someone and all of us saying “who”.


Lucky he’s only 33 in March :lou_wink_2:


Munir El Haddadi is the latest. 23 years old, with 6 months left on his contract and told he won’t be selected again.
Looks a lot like Boufal.


We’re in for Roger Milla, no one knows whether he is 39 or 32…


Should have got (I was wanting him) Drinkwater over Lemina.


You did too, I remember


Bazza knows his football onions.


Drinkwater could work. He won’t get game time at Chelsea, maybe we could tie up a loan deal to get his wages off their books.

Still think Lemina will be a very good player, he is still young, just depends if he has the work ethic (which is I expect the problem with Boufal was) also think things are less about keeping potential and more about getting cash in the door, some of which would be for players I’m sure, but equally China’s economy isn’t going to improve any time soon.