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:soccer: The January transfer window thread

  1. I suppose this relates to average players and expectations from Ralf not really Barry
  2. Hojbjerg and Redmond look to me like they could be really good players. I like Ings but its the same old thing that injuries will hold him back. Armstrong looks good particularly his shooting Im happy with him but cant see us fighting of liverpool for him. Lemina will always be in sputs good then a liability then great then missing… Im not so optimistic about the youngsters apart from Hesketh although again he seems to get injured too often. Also I missed his game in Isreal when Puel dragged him off. If they can be developed in a winning team I think that makes a difference. I thought Targett was going to make it a few years ago but he doesn’t seem to be improving like I thought.
  3. Ralf is just what we needed
  4. I don’t know where we will finish, Im optimistic but its football. Also when i said square one it wasn’t a negative comment. Its an upward curve. A new start.
    5, I don’t know if we are going to buy anyone but we certainly need a CB, a right back, and a striker.
  5. The future plans/targets are important. Kruger admitted last season took him by surprise hopefully he will lobby for first team cash The odd regulation struggle is OK but for me top 10 in either the Prem or the Championship or any where in or above West Ham is better.


Compare like for like. Not just the usual vague generalisations. It’s dull as fuck. I’ve asked you before to rate individual players. You never answer. Break the habit of a lifetime.

You keep enjoying the ridiculous fiction.


Its real and the Soviets lost, Rocky won with a stunning knockout.


If he has it’s fraudulent. He lives in China(?).
Thought it was the best tale so far.


Please no, please please no, he is proper wank, I’ll get ripped a fucking new with the Evertonians taking the piss.


I’ll add we can’t keep fucking buying or even loaning gambles, gambles without going all bros are just that and in the position we’re in we can’t fucking gamble.


English translation please,


He is not what we need or require, he is a gamble and he hasn’t been of the standard required for Everton so why would he be good here in a relegation fight?


Agree about Lemina(he could be so good, but doesn’t seem to understand the important basics).
I have a bit more faith in the youngsters, but accept we can’t rely on them(to much pressure on them whilst learning), so a CB, RB, LW and striker would be ideal. That’s not going to happen, so a CB and striker have to be the priority(how long is Ings out for?).
I’m not sure about extra money(now or in the summer), so we need to get rid of a some first and there’s a few earning very well that i don’t think will fit with Ralph’s plans at all.
An upwards curve as you said and that’s got a bit of excitement about it :blush:


According to the articles it was Ralph that took him to RB Leipzig and wants him now.
Either you know more about football than Ralph, or the British press always talks bollocks.
I don’t for a second believe the first option.


Three wins and we are no longer in a relegation fight. Lookman hasn’t exactly been given a chance at Everton, was ignored by Fat Sam and is on the fringes with Silva, who is only a couple of defeats away from being under serious pressure if the thoughts of my Evertonian mates are to be believed. Lookman is young, was scoring goals for fun with Charlton Athletic, admittedly in the lower division but was highly rated with plenty of interest from Premiership clubs. He would be looking to prove himself, let’s face it there aren’t that many proven goalscorers available in our price range. He could be a good signing if there is any truth in the rumour. Definitely worth a punt in my opinion. You say he is not what we need or require, are you seriously suggesting that Ings, who is quality but seriously injury prone, will never get three games in a row without him breaking down, and Austin are the way to go? Shane Long? We are, i think, third in the table of chances created and near the bottom for chances converted. We need a proper finisher, and Lookman is a finisher. If we can get him at the right price we should bite Everton’s hand off.


Everton wanted £28 Million for him last time, keen now? How do you know he is a finisher, I do know he is a gamble though.


Every transfer is a gamble Barry.


Not if you only buy blokes in their 30s, that were average at their peak.
No gamble there, you know exactly the downward curve you’re on.
Here’s another we were linked to. Just as implausible, but a whole lot cheaper.
Róger Guedes


I’d have taken Defoe for a start, we should have got him 5 years ago.


Is this Goatboy or Freud…


You’d have taken him now?


On a free maybe.


Wages, injury, legs that can’t keep up. It’s a much bigger risk than what we do.
I like Defoe(the player), but buying him is like saying that the best we aim for is survival. No more, ever. We know our place.
It’s how i’d assume a plastic Liverpool fan looks at clubs like us.


If we get him on a free with a reasonably low wage package then it’s worth a punt to stay up and then recruit to push on.

Can you really see any proven young quality joining us - unless it’s a stepping stone to a “bigger club”?

Oh, wait…