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:soccer: The January transfer window thread


But we have this perpetual cycle of players for the future that should’a could’a and would’a, that sole philosophy of the clubs has failed, we need a mixture of all good philosophies not solely one.
And fuck moneyball, we get enough money as it is.


Yeah, but top of Twitters’ current moan list have been “established players” Cedric, Bertrand, Romeu JWP, Long and Austin.


How many of those were established before they came here? Long of course and Austin but I’m not too sure of established of where we want to go.


No this is wrong - I can’t be seen to be agreeing with you Barry

I’ll go back and redact my op.



Evidence contrary to reports that Wesley Hoedt has been sold to Hampshire Glue Factory:


Drinkwater signed for Chelsea only because we did not make an offer for him? Oh.


Er no last summer we could have gone for him,

Also not Davis to Rangers is in there.


Er, Lemina was here already


I would say the first bit of the article gives it away.

Found themselves linked, as in they knew nothing about it.
We’ll announce Joshua Maja on the 16th and try to buy a (fast)winger. Alfie Jones is the replacement for Hoedt.
That’s as much as you should hope for :grin:


Yes and we were wanting shot of him then.


No, just you



Shame. Liked him, but he needed a little extra. 12 goals for £14.6 million ain’t a great return tbf. Always felt he could have / should have done better.


Gabbiadini came out of the blocks like a rocket (great goal against West Ham, although we lost the game); carried on in much the same vein (scoring for fun in the league, three in the League Cup final (though sadly only two stood)); got injured shortly after that and never looked the same again.

He had a reputation as a ‘streaky’ striker, but he never hit a hot streak for us again after that first one. He worked his socks off when played in a less obvious position (mostly out wide), and deserves respect for that as well.

I also like the fact that he’s a one-man repudiation of the idea that all Italian footballers are effortlessly stylish. Put simply, he looks like a tramp.


And stoned


I like the fact our strike force of Austin Ince and Gabbi wouldn’t look out of place in the front seat of a builders van


I will just add that he did, of course, score that goal, in that game, at Swansea late last season.


You’d have to go back as far as Dowie and Maskell for the last time we achieved that :lou_smiley:



Amazing how that was posted yesterday, and again today, and then the daily Fail reports it as being 11.7 million
Not like there weren’t any sources to c heck numbers with