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:soccer: The January transfer window thread


Here’s a CB that fits our policy. Cheap(£3-8m), 24 years old, 6’4" and apparently good in the air, tackling and positional awareness(to good to be true, surely).
Guillermo Maripán from Alavés.


Jeez, some of the prices being quoted on here 50 mil for Callum Wilson??




That moment at Wembley after the second goal, crowd going mental chanting his name - one of my favourite as a Saints fan


More like Bournemouth have set expectation just on the off chance some mad bastard decides to make a bid


Borrowed from @Saint-CD post on the Leicester thread:

Whether Forster is in his plans…
No, not really. I made the choice to have two strong keepers with Angus Gunn and Alex McCarthy. I think they did it well, both of them. So it will always be like it is, if you have a good experience with one goalkeeper then you don’t look for another one. It can be that Fraser can take a game in the under-23s. It’s possible to do so in the future because he needs games to get back in the position where he is an option for other clubs maybe and that’s what we try to force in the future.

Whether Fraser might therefore leave the club as he trims the squad…
Yes, that’s right.


So it was all rumour then! :lou_lol:



Well at least the bit about Ralph being impressed with him over the other two England internationals at the club.


If it came from Fiverweb it must be true :lou_eyes_to_sky:


It’s official, he’s gone.

Sad day really as he came here with so much promise. I did like the observation on here that he is the only Italian ever known to rock the tramp look.

Good luck to Gabbi … on to the next game. COYR


Yep I always thought he was poorly served by successive managers which corresponded with our downturn in fortunes. Of course that was not the reason for our downturn but they turned him into a square peg in a round hole.

Good luck to him should do well back home.


I’m not sure about the squaredness or roundedness of his hole to be honest.

Hutch said that he felt that Gabbi’s qualities weren’t right for the high-tempo pressing team he wants to build (paraphrasing).

But yet we keep Charlie Austin. Presumably for his pace.

I always thought that Gabbi put a real shift in and was very mobile in closing down from the front. Mind you, he was mainly coming on after 60+ mins so perhaps he just looked fresher than anyone else.

I suspect the story is more likely that none of the front-men, save Ings, is what Hutch wants for his system but Gabbi was the only one with immediate monetary value.

As long as we put the cash to good use then fair enough.


Ralph has also mentioned missing the pace that Obafemi offers - we have nobody else up front with such a turn of speed. So he definitely wants to keep and play Obafemi.

I think you’re right though; we’ve got some money in and a (probably) considerable salary off the books too. Can’t see anyone coming in for Chazza somehow. Long may be of interest to other clubs, but we won’t get too much for him I wouldn’t think. If only he could finish he’d fit Ralph’s system to a tee - as it is he serves as a useful annoyance to the opposition’s defence but not a lot more than that.


Forster to Leeds is on Twitter today.
No more details just seen a screen capture Jim Proudfoot whoever he is


Please please please


Would be a great move for him (and is) but I read that they were after a keeper from Real Madrid.


He was far too intelligent for our team, the runs off the ball he did were streets ahead of our athletes, I wish him all the best and think he is a great little player, he won’t be missed as we never used him enough, Shane Long still getting a game still shows we value effort and work rate over skill and guile.


Shane Long done enough to win our game today


True, but imagine signing a Shane Long who could also control the ball AND find a pass.