⚽ The January transfer window thread

Yeah saw them in the Rymans…

Didn’t realise they sponsored the Chinese Super League.

I would have thought it was the other way around. Guangzhou Evergrande sponsoring the Rymams would be more financially realistic.

Sustainable on an average attendance of 19,000…


Seems a sensible young chap

…an illusion, I bet he takes selfies. :rage:

Don’t let @Barry-Sanchez read this whatever you do…

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Sign of a loaded club?

Bit of an odd decision to be fair. On the outside looking in at least.


Or maybe they thought him sticking around with Burton to lose 9-0 against City wasn’t good for his development or confidence!

Thats reaching of epic proportions.

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Would you buy that shite for that price?
Can’t even whore our players out.

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Lol :joy:

The mystery of how Watford manage to consistently sign good players is solved :point_up_2:t2:

Anybody got Craig David’s number?


Do we not have a new January 2020 transfer window thread?

Tbf, it all seems exceptionally quiet so probably best to use the 2019 one…