🔄 January 2020 transfer window

It is probably time for this.

Desperate times call for desperately hopeful, tenuous links to and prayers for capable footballers.

Because we need more attackers and not defenders…

Just because we are (apparently) targeting forwards doesn’t mean they won’t be deployed at full back… :weary:



Good point!

I would not take anything that HITC report seriously. They’re complete fuckwits.


I couldn’t agree more. But don’t worry, they are regurgitating stories from the Sun and Mirror so infinitely more reliable… :+1:t2:

Getting to the point where I’d be happy to bring back Florian Gardos or Callum Davenport


Other clubs in the Championship keen


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Anybody know how big the transfer kitty is?



That big :dizzy_face:
Goody Goody gum drops :slightly_smiling_face:


It depends entirely on whether we can sell Forster for £25mil.
Then we will be able to sign a Danso clone on loan, maybe from Cologne.

I made that up obv

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£7.25m, why aren’t we going for this guy, surely we could offer him more than Liverpool?

Transfer rumours? Wtf?

Interesting to hear Ralph talk about a short term loan deal for a player not getting game time. Provided that is a good player at a big club, that could be one to look out for. Maybe somebody has already been identified and sounded out?

I don’t hold out too much hope of a Gary Cahill type signing though, judging from the response!

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I think we’ll get Joakim Maehle and maybe a loan for Jean-Clair Todibo, although it might be the Swansea RB and no CB.
Probably end up with an unproven striker :lou_facepalm_2: