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Actually a great weekend. Got really exciting (for golf) and huge crowds.

I have super hero status with the family in Poland having got Niall to sign a with love to xxx for my Niece.

Most epic moment?

Spectator laying flat on his back I go up some people around him and ask the "do you require medical attention line…


He had actually simply walked into a tree. How do these people get on a plane to get here?

But jeez the woris is so full of snowflakes.

Excuse me sir say I don’t tell me what to do is the reply. Boof set of golf clubs hit him in the lower abdomen.

Both were pmsl moments and horrors for the dumfvcks



I must admit I did enjoy that final round, was good stuff, nice to see Rory nearly back to his best.

And he managed to drop an F-bomb on the live coverage on Saturday too.



So the original purpose of my trip back was to attend training for Ryder Cup, have a biz meeting with the guys about Mobile & Cloud Apps and see Mum, landing Wednesday morning to annoy Mrs D_P by dumping her on Valentines Day (gotta keep 'em on their toes)

We also were supposed to get a free round of golf at the venue for familiarisation.

Now I had to pull that forward due to work meetings in London.

And discover the current state of the course I’m supposed to play in Paris…

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Orange balls


Suffering from Insomnia AG?

Posting on the Who’s still awake thread?

Well, this should cure it for you. The last instalment of “Tournament Golf” before the real business begins next week in Paris.

Pop Stars, Pin Ups & Social Media.

Oh and a couple of mentions of golf as well.


Well that was one helluva day.

Senior Marshal training at Le Golf National. Some pics and some facts and figures.

1st up what a stunningly beautiful golf course it is. And when even someone as wonky as me has to thiink about what club to take off a tee (mainly 3 Wood) it tells me it is a course that won’t suit the big boomers in September.

So I arrived Friday night, checked in to the Novotel that is right behind the 18th green. Typical French managed property - about 2 people working there, travelodge style rooms half with a view half looking at a car park. Luckily I had stopped in Guyancourt and sticked up on booze & munchies).

Saturday we met up had breakfast then into a lecture hall (which will be the main Security/Police station in September) a video from Thomas Bjorn and a panel including the girls who communicate with us, Course Manager big wigs and stuff from French Golf Federation and even top brass from the European Tour (David Garland - Tournament Director).

Lots of stuff was covered but


51,000 spectators EACH DAY (Note on days 1&2 there are only 4 matches on course at any one time - so 10,000 + per GAME).

7,500 staff working on site and 1,350 volunteers.

The course is +25 years old so they have refurbished it 7mil euro spent on 8km of new drainage systems, 45 bunkers have been rebuilt.

There will be 14 Grandstands seating over 10,000 people. 15 of the biggest outdoor TV screens ever used at an event.

8,000 Corporate Hospitality tickets (at around 5k euros a day average each ticket)

There will be a stunning ampitheatre on 1st Tee/18th Green with a 6,000 seat Grandstand. 2,200 seats for which have already been pre-sold/reserved.

40% of all tickets sold were to French Nationals, 6,000 people are coming from the USA.

On my side?

Over 1,000 Journalists are accredited - they will be managed by 80 Media Marshals. All volunteers work 1 basic 6 hour shift, so morning or afternoon with a group in my case

There are Meet & Greet teams at the railway stations, park & ride etc - met one of them - retired guy who volunteers for everything like this - hates sport - just enjoys being an anorak I guess.

Grandstand Marshals who will rotate between seeing nothing by managing access and numbers through to standing in the stand itself. Everyone then watches the golf when not on shift.

It goes without saying that security will be solid - lots of layers - and Airport Security was used in Gleneagles so can expect something very similar.

There is no vehicle access to the course, public Park & Rides start 20km from the venue. We have a volunteer park & ride 2km away which iI planned for wwhen booking mydigs for the week.

An insane amount of work has gone into the planning already - obviously the locations of TV Towers/Studios and even the route that Media & families have to walk around the course.

So after ALL of that we were off out onto the course to play a tournament - Greensomes format. I haven’t hit a golf ball since last June and played like a drain BUT we didn’t come last! I actually smashed some stonking drives on 18th and 12th and (eventually holed some putts!

But what a golf course. It was absolutely beautiful. The way they have created it in a “Links style” means that almost every hole has “banking” that can take the huge crowds. It is a BIG course to walk and in a lot of cases there is a long walk from green to next tee which will be hard work when we have some 200+ people inside the ropes with the golfers.

It will look amazing on TV in September. I know I won’t play on a course as good as that ever again - could never afford it!

Oh and I only lost 5 golf balls which was a LOT less than most people on the course!!

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One of the Par 3’s showing how well suited they are for spectators

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

The “iconic” “combined” 15th & 18th greens. For us the 18th was a par 5 for the Ryder Cup it will be Par 4. I smashed a stonking drive, partner laid it up perfectly, and I chunked it into the lake. Ho hum…

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

After the prize giving we had a nice 3 course dinner, beers wine beers and I staggered to bed about midnight with a 5am alarm to pack and get to the airport.


And no I’m not in any of the pictures :slight_smile:


So I take it you’ve worked out where to stand for each of the cameras to capture your good side.

Tip: take a spray-can of paint to mark “X” on the fairways so you can walk to the exact spot. We’ll be looking for your Sotonians badge. :lou_lol:


I’m sorry if I’m missing something here but that green looks a bit pot-marked and fuck me it’s sooooo small. :lou_surprised:

The pitch ‘n’ putt at Riverside Park looks in better shape.


Well spotted but I already have that in my possession - so I know exactly where I will be on each hole at each moment as each shot would be played - just don’t know who with yet of course. (And obviously my round of golf meant sure that I never stood anywhere near where the pros will be - I was more up the side of those hills…)

Also I could share that information but then I would be in breach of all the darned security protocols - and BOY are there a lot of those



Le Golf National.

First Impressions.

Yes, the latest chapter in my Blog on the road to The Ryder Cup for you insomniacs


I got stick for it over the years, but at least I was lucky enough to watch him up close in his prime.

I also saw “the human side” of him a few times but then came the meltdown and injuries.

But it would be an impossible story for him to get back to anywhere near the top.


One thing that’s for sure, IF he gets back it would be a story to tell somehow and perhaps the Happiest One I would ever post on here.


First look for you

1st Tee & 18th green grandstands will hold over 6000 people

All watching me of course :lou_eyes_to_sky:




I stayed at the Novotel there about 4 years ago on the way back from the south of france. I hope they give the place a refubishment as it was in a right old two and eight back then.

Other than that, i have no golf stories, sorry.


I think there’s only one person who posts on here who actually does, but we don’t like to upset him too much so humour him…



Hotel is tidy bar & restaurant area neat and functional

So guess they have given it a refresh but still it isn’t Gleneagles that’s for sure!

Not sure players will be there. I do know they are using Versailles Palace for some functions so may have done a deal.


A big weekend in Florida in many ways.

Obviously the amazing performance by Tiger to come 2nd in a PGA Tournament is the stuff of legend, at that age and after so many years injured.

The impact his performance had on viewing figures was remarkable as well.

But there is a bigger story on #theroadtothrrydercup.

And that is after a couple of years about how the American “Wonder Kids” were going to spank us in September we have a whole bunch of old farts from Europe at the top of the Leaderboard and Paul Casey wins it.

Now Paul is not a popular golfer on tour, and wasn’t considered as a Captains pick BEFORE he resigned from the European Tour because of his attitude at team events in the past, but Thomas Bjorn asked him to re sign for the Europeans as he felt he needed the option of his experience with Westwood & Poulter not showing much form of late.

Well, seems Paul is onboard.

Tiger’s comeback is the stuff of Hollywood Movies. Casey’s story is not far behind his.

Wow, just a few weeks to Augusta, the big guns starting to fire. (And Rory is going backwards)

Tiger in contention on the Sunday at Augusta.

Now THAT would be worth staying up for into the night


NOT a golf story but a Horse Racing one.

Involving a Happy Golfer.

Westwood cleans up!


Like he needs the money…



US Masters TV Coverage

The wait is finally over to for the 2018 US Masters -but how do you get to watch the action?

Sky contract customers

Sky Sports will be showing live coverage of all four days on its Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Main Event Golf channels with additional live coverage of Par 3 contest on Wednesday.

They’ll also have live coverage from the range on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the Par 3 contest.

Sky Sports may now hold the main live TV rights in the UK, but there is still scope to enjoy some or all of the Masters on TV if you’re not a Sky Sports contract customer.

Sky non-contract customers

If you don’t have a Sky contract but want to treat yourself for a day or a week, you can open a NowTV account and buy a Sky Sports day or week pass for £7.98 or £11.98 respectively , which will give you full coverage of all seven Sky Sports channels on any supported device.

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The BBC are once again covering The Masters this year on TV and radio. Full timings are at the bottom of the page.

2018 US Masters TV Coverage – Sky Sports TV Times

Monday 02 April – Live Masters On The Range – Sky Sports Main Event (17:00), Sky Sports Golf (17:00), Sky Sports Mix (17:00)

Tuesday 03 April – Live Masters On The Range – Sky Sports Main Event (14:00), Sky Sports Golf (14:00), Sky Sports Mix (14:00)

Wednesday 04 April – Live Masters On The Range – Sky Sports Main Event (14:00), Sky Sports Golf (14:00), Sky Sports Mix (14:00)

Wednesday 04 April – Live Masters Par 3 – Sky Sports Main Event (19:00), Sky Sports Golf (19:00), Sky Sports Mix (19:00)

Thursday 05 April – Masters Tournament – Sky Sports Golf (19:00), Sky Sports Main Event (19:00)

Friday 06 April – Masters Tournament – Sky Sports Golf (19:00), Sky Sports Main Event (19:00)

Saturday 07 April – Masters Tournament – Sky Sports Golf (19:00), Sky Sports Mix (19:00), Sky Sports Main Event (20:00)

Sunday 08 April – Masters Tournament – Sky Sports Golf (18:00), Sky Sports Mix (18:00), Sky Sports Main Event (19:00)

2018 US Masters TV Coverage – BBC TV Times

While some think the BBC now has no Masters TV rights, this is not true, and indeed, there will still be live coverage on the BBC on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The full BBC schedule is as follows…

TV coverage:

Wednesday 04 April – Masters Preview – BBC Two – 23:15 – 23:45

Friday 06 April – Golf: Masters Highlights – BBC Two – 17:45 – 18:45

Saturday 07 April – Golf: Masters Highlights – 13:15 – 14:15

Saturday 07 April – Golf: The Masters (Live) – 19:30 – 00:00

Sunday 08 April – Golf: The Masters (Live) – 18:30 – 00:00

Extra coverage:

Connected TV and the BBC Sport website and app viewers have four extra streams to choose from, including live coverage of Amen Corner, holes 15 & 16 and a featured group. A mix of the best will also be available on the Red Button.

Saturday and Sunday extra coverage:

• Masters on the Range: 1600-1800 each day

• Featured Group: 1515-0015 each day

• Amen Corner: 1645-2300 each day

• Holes 15 & 16: Live 1730-2330 each day

• Plus: Red Button coverage (best content at the time of four streams) – 1730-0000.

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Radio 5 live coverage:

Thursday 05 April 2018 – The Masters – 21:00 -2 2:00

Friday 06 April 2018 – The Masters – 21:00 – 22:00

Saturday 07 April 2018 – The Masters – 21:00 – 01-00

Sunday 08 April 2018 – The Masters – 20:00 – 01-00