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What an amzing few weeks it has been for Thomas Bjorn. The return to winning form for 3 of his most experienced players - Casey, McIlroy and last night Ian Poulter.

Poulter’s win was really out of the blue, he has had his injury troubles and been so far off the pace it was as if he had disappeared down Danny Willett’s rabbithole.

Suddenly, Team Europe looks to have that experience and competitive insitinct that is so needed at the Ryder Cup and makes the coming months very interesting.

Meanwhile, as you can see, it is Masters Week, best TV Golf of the year (apart from when I am involved of course :lou_eyes_to_sky:)

All starts on Wednesday evening for you lot with the Par 3 Tournament. Legends, Celebrity & Family Caddies and lots of little kids in those famous white boiler suits.

Get the popcorn ready for next weekend, with all the big names now firing from both sides of the pond it could be a Major golfing moment :cool:

Tiger, Rory, Poulter, Rose, Stenson, Bubba, the two Justins, even Leftie, all in the mix. And no, not gonna try and pick a winner!

Of late they have been “names” post since Spieth stopped walking it, could be anyone which makes it such great TV


Its on Fox Sports in Asia


Golf Channel as well for anyone searching for streams actualky prefer them to Sky but then I’d miss my mate Radar :lou_eyes_to_sky:

Equally the Official Web Site does stream free video - mainly Amen Corner or certain holes so it is easy to watch


The Tiger effect

It’s only a practice day!


Love the hop day

Looks much more like when we all play…


FFS. 3 of our krew are actually playing golf with MLT this morning. I’m at bloody work…

Meanwhile The Masters hurtles towards us - Par 3 Tournament tonight!

Augusta is picture perfect but hasn’t always looked like it does! (Courtesy of The Fail)


What a stroke of luck for two of our Krew. They both had sickies today and their doctors both recommended they got some fresh air. Who’d have thought eh?

IF everything goes to plan we may be a bit busy down Barasti on Sunday :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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A very pleasant evening in the company of Mr Poulter on Sky Sports.

Showing us minions how to miss right to left putts…

But SRSLY an interesting hour build up to the Par 3 action.

Nicklaus Player & my mate Tom Watson tee off at 11pm local in that. Always a wonderful hour watching them


Is it PC to mention that some of the WAGS are making those Boiler Suits look good?


Not enough that Tom Watson is winning the Par3, Jack Nicklaus’s Grandson just nailed a hole in one to reduce everyone watching including big Jack to tears.

This is going to be a wonderful weekend of golf.Put your money on the player with the biggest story to win the thing, it has Hollywood Movie all over it.

Tiger? Bubba? even Poults?








I don’t think I’ve ever taken 13 shots on one hole before.

Sergio takes 13 on 15th hole - hits FIVE shots into the water.

Almost as many as I’ve had at Eric’s party tonight…


Game over then.

Spieth has been there before, has his nose in front, no way he will lose this now…

Interesting fact.

The 2016 and 2017 winners of the Dubai Desert Classic went on to win The Masters the following April.

And having (by his own admission on TV last night) been absolutely shit since January, Haotong Li is actually up there in the mix at -4. Surely it cannot happen again?

Joking apart, it is looking like a good tournament, first day had wonderful weather, made the course easier and helped to keep most of the big names “in the mix” (except of course Sergio - who to be honest was not on most “watchers” win-list this year).

Wind forecast to pick up today and Showers/Thunder forecast for Saturday which could have an impact - soften up the greens to better hold the ball OR 21kmh swirling gusty winds to blow their game to pieces down the tunnels of trees.

Much more relaxing than watching Arsenal warm up for our match last night tbh…


Good morning Phil ( afternoon to you ) Wearing my well worn pedant’s hat he actually hit the green with all 5 shots…they just rolled off into the water.

Surely that shouldn’t count. :lou_wink:


Suddenly the idea of wearing a Pringle jumper and loud coloured check trousers seems more appealing.


Think I mentioned her a few pages back. :wink: seems to be one of THOSE people that are automatically airbrushed by camera lenses.


Those posts never work with Saints, but did with golf.

South starts with a double bogey to drop back into the pack.

Ebb and flow


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J Spieth -4 (1)

Can somebody bring back the real Jordan Spieth? The guy pretending to be the overnight leader has just pulled his tee shot into the trees on the second. He’s spending more time in there than an Amazonian woodcutter.


Bogey for Spieth

J Spieth -3 (2)

McIlroy was alongside Spieth and Kuchar. Now it's just Kuch. Spieth's horror start continues as he misses a five-foot putt to save par on the second.

Now we're convinced this is an impostor. Spieth does not miss those. He just doesn't.

:lou_lol: not for the bogey but for the commentary...

Didn't Spieth do this 2 years ago when he was defending champion?