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Two mates of mine were there all week. Both Saints fans.

What a fuck up by Rose on the last 9.


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Nothing gets past me out on that course.


Justin looked like he’d been hit by a train as he walked past me coming off 13th Green - white as a sheet. No idea if he had succumbed to a (VERY) nasty bug that is going round the guys since Africa or he was already shot away.

We had no idea what was happening - even the TV Taters. I was already in position on 18 when Tommy played his 3rd and then it all kind of kicked off when Justin came up short

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Justin simply could not wait to slide out of there after his round - just looked broken - christ he even tried to shake my hand instead of his scorers.

@copyrightMrsD_P #officialdubaisaintssnapper

One of mine

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Alastair the official starter had a grumpy head o all weekend but is a close friend of the Fleetwood family and followed him round. He was positiively bouncing on 18th

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And Tommy’s Caddy was going round telling everyone he was “gonna be flying home in the bloody shower on the bloody plane”

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And making sure Tommy got his approach shot away (and herding cats - ie the Snappers) Me and Bob - who is also a Saints fan who came over for the weekend Bobby bought a horrific Beaney Hat thing and was doing TV scoring


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And the Intimate Winner’s TV Interview - don’t let anyone near - keep everything quiet and don’t let anyone takes pics please.

yes boss

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Oh and yes I do make sure that Saints Fans get some perks

(In case he is your mate Tripzy)

Got Bob with Sergio


Why no pics of me with golfers?

  1. My wife was offfical snapper

  2. I was too busy chatting to the WAGS

  3. Found a new best one - not specifically for looks but because she was actuallly SO bloody POLITE. She needed some ice - came up and asked so sweetly and politely and stopped to chat for about 20 minutes as the groups were help up by Paul Dunne’s balls getting lost

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And finally. one thing we do dow here that is unusual is to get a snapper to take pictures of all the volunteers at work.

This year nobody volunteered so I spent about 30 minutes explaining how to use a proper camera to Mrs D_P and off she went. Job done with the volunteers - they are chuffed to bits with her work.

She didn’t do too bad in her spare quiet moments either.

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There I was thinking she was a fast learner and amazingly skilled to be able to catch them all looking at her camera.

Then one of the gang mentioned it might have been because she is blonde and was wearing a short skirt.

Which is probably why my photos have never been that good…


But she DID get one magical moment

Tommy has just dropped a shot on 17. He knew at that moment his race was over, Justin was going to win…

Then they cut to Justin on the 16th hole…

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, beard, grass, outdoor and natureThe moment everyone watched and when Tommy knew a Par should win it for him


Not one of them I’m afraid. Both had hair.


Hang on!! I know him as well.

Thats Beano. Legendary drinker at the late, lamented, Avenue P.H. With Paul Lewis and Swaddler behind him.

Did you get them to the Berasti for the game on Saturday.


Does Bearsy shit in the woods? Of course we did :slight_smile: Apart from the football, Barasti was at its best Saturday - absolutely rammed with all the consecutive egg chasing on the big screen outside.

Beano MUST be loaded though - him and his pals actually ordered Pub Grub there :lou_eyes_to_sky:



Gonna have to get the Union involved in this one.

Looking after & goofing off with Golfers - no problem.

Acting as Security for a Boy Band sensation in the open air confines of a Golf Course?

Bollocks to that.


^^^^Who the fuck is Niall Horan?

No I haven’t Googled him TBH I don’t really care…just sayin’


In my defence I only heard about him in the first place because he Caddied for Rory at the Par 3 in Augusta a couple of years back. Now seems to be trotted out whenever someone wants to “engage” with a “new generation of golf fans” at an event.

Namely all of them

Think I should set up one of those amusing Video Goofing off things around a karaoke night.



Blimey was November that long ago?

Anyway FINALLY had the bandwidth and time at work to tell the full story of DPWTC last year.

Going to be a busy few weeks but here you go - something to help with insomnia/make a change of MoPe must go posts


Well what th fuck happened did we win or not ?


Don’t worry. You will be getting LIVE updates during the actual event.

In September

(Hopefully the 3rd rate developer will have found an easier way to copy & paste a pic direct from a mobile phone gallery onto here by then - and no I ain’t going to have time to do the whole upload it here copy it there thing while I’m posing for the TV cameras)


For now all you need to know is I get a trip back to EU next month for “training” and to play golf on the actual course.

Which has kinda dumped me in the shit as I fly overnight 13th/14th Feb - so I ain’t in town on Valentines Day - which is the 10th anniversary of me & Mrs D_P’s first date…




So next week is the Desert Classic.

For decades we had a legend - Bernard Dowling doing the protocol / Marshaling on the first Tee.

His retirement ast year was “a big story”

Now that we’ve gone all showbusiness, guess who has replaced him.

And, seriously, guess who has been appointed to “look after her” next week. No friction AT ALL at home about this task, no siree.

See Golf CAN have it’s moments.

Our new “Starter”

Page Spiranac


48,000 people entered a global competition to play a round with her, Rory and Nial One Direction Horan.

35% were under 25 females, 47% were under 35 year old males.

It’s tough at the top of Elite Sport


No no no no no no…that is not even an innuendo FFS. :lou_facepalm_2:


Oh the humiliation.

Was about to selfie with another Marshal and got photobombed.

Actually he’s a good lad had a fun but weird day being Digital Media Content Producers instead of volunteers at Golf. Think I’m all over some chicks’ instagram ho hum

Jokes apart today was fun and a major step in the new era. Tomorrow I am working with a dream team - Henrik, Rory and Sergio. #elitesport doesn’t get tougher than this

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