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Here it is gang. The news you have ALL been waiting for!

Yep, as part of my down the rabbit hole plunge into the world of Mobile Apps and Web stuff, I am now officially a 75th grade Web Developer with my own site and a host and stuff.

Basically I needed to learn it to be able to tell potential clients just what numpties they are thinking they can create Off-Line Mobile Apps.

Anyway, it DOES mean that you will no longer be forced to read (or listen) to any Golf Stories.

You will shortly be able to choose to go to the “Behind The Scenes Blog”

The Krew down here at Barasti haven’t stopped celebrating since Saturday.

And yes I will post links when it is ready…



That’s the gratuitous upvote on this thread I promised you the other day after I accidentally down voted you…




And we’re off.

Luckily I’m only a 75th grade web developer and it’s full of holes an formatting errors - hell, only yesterday my PHP’s were all muddled up and out of date, so I’ve had to play with W3-Total Cache Plugin instance + REDIS Caching Service activated through the Cpanel and then install a JetPack.

Yeah go me!

Hurray. The Home Page is up and the intro blog post is away.

It’s all a cunning plan to earn enough to pay for my own lunch next time I get back and join you in the pub before a game by either going all google ads to the enormous audience of two that will follow it or in the best case flog the domain name to the European Tour!

Anyway, you can now browse this thread free of fear of seeing a golf story by accident.

They’ll all be getting told on here ;-


Thank fuck for that.



Wow - this IS a golf story.

What is 2,011km long, lasts 82 days and takes 20,093 shots?

And all for Charidee as they say.


Pfft I spent longer on the 10th hole at Belfry


@bearsy 's back, that is the happiest (non)golf story evah…



Trust the French to turn the world’s 3rd largest sporting event by TV audience into a Mickey Mouse event…


Woo hoo he’s getting there!


Well he hasnt won a tournament in years


A quick update.

I posted about Patrick Cantlay and how it was a happy story. well, there has been an update -

You might recall our recent moving story on Patrick Cantlay. The American was considered a fine prospect before his career was derailed by years of severe back problems and the mental devastation of watching his best friend die in his arms, following a hit-and-run.

It seemed quite a recovery to finish in the top 30 on the PGA Tour. Well, now the 2017-18 season is up and running, Cantlay, still only 25, notched his first victory in a play-off at the Las Vegas Invitational on Sunday.

Asked about his life’s journey and what this win meant, Cantlay said: ‘I don’t really associate the two together. It feels good to be finally doing what I feel like I was born to do while the other part is so separate and heartbreaking it’s on a totally different level. But, on the golf side, having won I hope they now pile up.’

Patrick Cantlay claimed his first victory at the Las Vegas Invitational on Sunday


Patrick Cantlay claimed his first victory at the Las Vegas Invitational on Sunday

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/golf/article-5055905/Is-Tiger-Woods-ready-comeback-Hero-World-Challenge.html#ixzz4xihoKGaj
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FFS, we’d already lost Rory through injury next week and then some numpty MBA idiot comes up with this stunt that injures Stenson and means HE will miss the tournament next week.

At this rate I may have to dust off my sticks

Henrik Stenson suffered a rib injury during a photo-shoot ahead of the WGC-HSBC Champions


And we’re off. Nearly.

Here’s the #behindthescenes report on the build up this week.

It doesn’t tell who were the last players to leave the party at 1am last night, or how wonderful both Rafa & Pablo’s better halves looked last night

And no these are from Google not last night #protocol


Oh The Spaniards were last to leave the girls were bopping away to those funky tunes.

And a few of the English golfers (mainly those who’s wives aren’t here) were propping up the bar until around then as well

Rose to win the Race to Dubai - Poulter to win the Tournament as he’s only here due to a Chinese Harness!


And the Blog Link


One of my jobs this week is to make sure my “mates” can take their “snaps” in peace.

Here is their work from today





The poor and needy bow to Mamon. :lou_wink_2:


Here’s what you could have won.


Too exhausted to do proper updates 10 hours 12kms a day 35C.

Big discontent in the ranks of players about the Rookie of the Year being Jon Rahm not Jordan Smith. But the players themselves changed the system last year.

Thomas Bjorn lost his club’.

David Lipsky became an Aussie then back to American. Poulter swore less than usual.

Crowds are down due to no Rory or Henrik

Tour looking to increase the Prize money for next year this year player in 100th place in R2D won €100k more than last year.

Justin should be 5 shots ahead but couldn’ putt for shit

I had a tug of war with a TV cable against Justin on 18th on global TV got asked to film something for the media team & got bollocks by the Tour team.

We have a DJ doing crwod selfies on 1st tee. Now to be fair that is a huge thing because it was my idea also means I now just stand there and look good all morning.

But basically it is darling hot and we are knackered. Also finding zero enthusiasm with 5am starts to go to Barasti tonight to watch us play shit against Liverpool


An epic weekend & tournament. Nobody had a clue what was happening coming down the stretch.

Justin walked off 18 looking broken Jon Rahm put a stop to the Rookie of the Year grumbles Tommy was like a abbit in the headlights & his caddy was hugging anyone and everyone

Even had a Tourist in a Saints shirt on course today.

Hell even Poulter was chatty. Will put a few of the best pics up when had a well deserved Old Speckled Hen and 15 hours sleep