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The Netflix Cup was chaos golf.
It was a mess - wtf was Steve Aoiki doing on every Tee? Patrick Mahones dialling in to tell us the perfect number of beers to drink in a round.
Joel Dahmen proving he is the drollest golf commentator out there.
The on course cliche who had to be stoned out of his head and the other guy who was stoned out of his head talking about pissing his pants.

It was barking and actually…

Yes. Netflix you have an idea, it could work. Chaos golf mini tournaments around other events - it could work.

There was of course an EPIC last moment cut from the show when (no spoilers) dropped the Trophy & it shattered

Matt Wallace just birdied every hole on the back 9 for a 60 in the DP Final. Bunkered his 2nd on the last, but nearly holed it for a 59.

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It’s only fair, anyone else coming in as Captain with New York crowds is gonna get a resounding whupping so best that Luke takes one for the team!

Tiger looking like an NFL Linebacker - his upper body now working instead of his lower leg to keep clubhead speed running is hitting some great golf shots.
Harman is leading on 5 under Tiger level and only 3 shots off the group in 2nd